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Owner: Anita Eberline

IAGA Level 3
Digby's Web Awards is dedicated to providing a worthy award program whose primary focus is to honor and recognize hard work and excellence. These are not "give away" awards, and must be earned by web site owners who have met the criteria set forth within this award program. Digby's Web Awards is dedicated to being consistent in evaluations by following the criteria within this Awards Program. Digby's Web Awards welcomes personal web site owners to apply, but strictly encourages and demands that all aspects pertaining to this awards program be read before applying. I invite you, the visitor and potential award winner, to explore my award program and web site. This is more than just a awards program, but also a web site which appeals to a large audience since it is about anti-animal abuse. Be sure to read all the information on this awards program to insure that you are familiar with all the criteria's and terms of use within it.

Program established: 2004.

Language accepted: English.

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