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Delightful Designing Award Program

Delightful Designing Award Program USA

Owner: Anita Eberline
IAGA Level M
The purpose of this award program to help others become the best possible webmasters that they can be. My stuff and I, do our evaluations with integrity and honor to help better the quality of the Internet Community as a whole, and to give recognition where due for those who strive for excellence. To receive one of these awards is a high honor, as they are not easily won.

Our mission is to grant an award to those who have gone to extra lengths to create the best websites possible. We enjoy a well designed website that shows the owners hard work and efforts. There is something to be said for the creativity in a website that cannot be found anywhere else, and in that creativity, we look for all the elements as well to be in working order, with excellent organization. We also look for excellence in content, imaging and preparation of a website. As it takes these things and so much more to create a well designed website that works properly throughout.

Program established: 2006.

Language accepted: English.


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