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Established on: 1/1/08

Evaluations are done is these languages:
American English


This association was created for those award masters who wish to list their awards program and have it rated. Here at Independent Awards Givers Association (IAGA), we believed that everyone who runs an awards program deserves a listing who is willing to follow a few guidelines with criteria that is suitable for the simplest form for giving awards to those who apply to their awards program.

It is the intent of this association to help those who are just getting started, and those who are more experienced. We all had to start someplace and each of us needed help along the way, so this website is dedicated to everyone in the awards community on those basis.

For the award giver, IAGA offers a rated listing of their awards program so that the award seeker may know how well your program is put together. We list your awards program in a popup window, where the award seeker may read a description of your program and view your highest award offered, with a screen shot of the home page for our highest rated programs. Also, on these pages, you receive both a text and image link directly to your awards program.

IAGA also offers a non-rated listing so that the beginner awards masters may have a chance to also advertise their awards program. We realize that there are many who do not wish to have a rating, but still wish to have a listing where others will find them easier. This association gives those people a chance and offers them the same respect as those who are rated with this association.

IAGA is also supportive of the many other services provided within the awards community by providing a quality resources page for viewers, which can be found on the Link to IAGA page. On this page, you will find a list of websites that can help you with HTML and other topics that might be of interest to you. We highly recommend viewing this page for information you might be seeking.


Our Mission
Our mission is quite simple and involves the following:
bullet To offer our members and viewers quality listings with a description of their awards program.
bullet To list as many awards programs possible by following a set of guidelines and criteria as outlined by us.
bullet Provide a safe environment for all visitors.
bullet Maintain exceptional standards.
bullet Provide top quality services advancing all websites listed with IAGA.
bullet Be respectful to all.
bullet To review and evaluate award programs without bias.
bullet Give assistance freely to all who seek it to help you accomplish your goals.
bullet Support all within the awards community who strive for and achieve excellence.

What We do not Do

We do not provide evaluations for personal, commercial or non-profit websites without an awards program being ran from it, as we are seeking to list awards programs specifically. We wish to provide recognition for their efforts and work, and we invite all awards programs providers to join us.


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