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Anita Eberline - Owner & Founder of Independent Awards Givers Association, and several awards programs in the awards community.


IAGA Evaluation Team
I'm seeking an Evaluation Team for this association.

USA  Anita Eberline - Owner/Founder/Administrator/Evaluator

I am a word processor and office systems professional with website design certification. I have been evaluating websites since 1998 with the award program below and am certified in HTML (Web Design), JavaScript Applications, CSS and Web Imaging. I own and maintain several other awards program and websites, all with different information and purposes.

Owner of Eberline's Web Awards.

Ratings include: Award Sites! 4.0 | WebAwards 4.0 | Awards Treasure Chest 3.0 | AFA By EUTODA 3.0 | F.R.I. Index 3.0
IAGA Staff Qualifications

IAGA staff are selected with care and assist in the evaluations of award programs for IAGA ratings. All staff members must have a minimum of two years experience as evaluators within their own individual award programs. They also must have the skills required to assist in other areas of IAGA and be willing to assist where needed.


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