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Our Thoughts


Current Issues

There is a lot that can be said for people with any kind of illness such as the one's mentioned on this website. But the most important thing to remember is that nobody can predict what they do or how the live and the effects it will have years later. For us, we believe that had we made better choices and done many things much differently, we wouldn't be having the problems that we are now.

Through the years, we ate fast foods, smoking cigarettes, and totally ignored everything that we knew was better for us in the long run. We didn't exercise our bodies in a healthy way and we refused to listen to our elders who tried to tell us where we were going wrong in doing the things we did. The old attitude of, "If it's good for us, we don't want it!", just didn't cut it. And now, we're paying the price for our own stupidly.

We can't go back in time and change what has already been done, but we can change our habits now and make our lives a bit better by doing so. And that is actually what we are doing on a day to day basis. Changing those habits is not easy, but a necessity if we're to live a better and healthier life style for the remainder of our years on this earth.


What has been Recommended

The doctors have never promised us miracles, but they are telling us that all that we are going through should make a difference in our daily lives. They also have told us that we much live for the better by eating healthier foods, following doctors instructions, taking whatever medicines are prescribed and exercising regularly. And by exercising, they mean taking walks daily and following a regular routine.


We need to do the following:


Using such food as hotdogs, snack crackers and the like only as treats, if even then.


Exercise regularly by walking daily even if it is done on a treadmill.


See our doctors on a regular basis for checkups so that they can check us for reoccurring symptoms, and adjust our medications.


Take all medications prescribed on a daily basis and on time.


Eat all foods in moderation, especially treat foods, never eating to the point of over stuffing ourselves and follow the diet carefully.


What We Recommend to Our Readers

Our best and only advice is this, take extra good care of yourself and your family. Eating healthy food, not junk foods. And above all else, be open minded to your doctors advice at all times when it comes to your health. Once it is gone...it is gone for good.


Other Issues

I will also be discussing other health issue as time permits in the future that are my own. They are not something that I will ever take lightly and are as serious as my husband's. However, before I can discuss them here, they must be confirmed. I will tell you though of the belief of one emergency room doctor recently seen.

The doctor had chest x-rays taken of me because I was having difficulty breathing and was coughing something awful. I was sick beyond sick in my opinion, but I never dreamed that I would hear these words. The doctor looked at me as though seeing something from a ghostly past and said, "Mrs. Eberline, I do believe that you have other problems that should be looked into as soon as possible by your family doctor. As this appears to be either asthma or emphysema with possible other problems."

To his dismay, I wasn't surprised by the news and I couldn't do much of anything to convey to him that I've known there was a problem for some time. My husband denies the problem much of the time, for the simple fact that I don't act sick. However, I do know that I do have a definite problem with many of my daily activities when it comes to doing anything around the house. To give you an ideal, here are some of the symptoms:


Loss of breathe when doing the simplest of task.


Must rest often by taking naps when doing housework.


Unable to walk long distances without stopping to rest frequently.


Pain in chest (lungs) when breathing.


Tiring easily without doing a lot of anything.


Coughing for long periods non-stop, with difficulty breathing just before and after the coughing attack.


Difficulty when sitting down and doing small jobs, as the breathing is increased, it becomes more difficult to breathe.

There is probably much more, but it's difficult to give them as not all of them are present all of the time. When I figure it is safe to have myself check out completely and my husband has had everything done that can be, I will look into these issues. Presently, my biggest concern is my husband and his condition. As without the help he needs, he will not survive.


What is Asthma? | What is Emphysema?


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