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Taking Medicines to Help Our Health


Medicines are important at this point for the simple fact that one feels better with them than without them. I know that nobody really wants them, but when one's life depends on taking them, it is better than the alterative. As with every part of this website, I must inform you that we are NOT doctors...and NEVER will be. This page, like all the others, is to educate and inform you of options that we use or go by for Harold.


Medicines Harold Takes

Below is a list of the medicines that Harold depends on for his better health:



Aceon - for his heart and blood pressure.


Zetia - for his cholesterol.


Plavix - for thinning the blood.


Levothyroxin - for his thyroid problem.


Glimepiride - for his diabetes.


Bayer Aspirin 81mg - for his heart and helping to thin the blood a bit more.


Medicines Harold no longer takes since the vascular surgery:



Lasix - which for the water that he retained in his body before the surgery.


Trental - which the doctor referred to as a blood grease to keep the plaque from sticking to the walls on his arteries and veins.


The medicines that he still takes are an important part of his daily life to keep him healthier. They are not something he likes or wishes to take. In fact, if the doctors at any given point said, "You no longer need any of your medicines.", he would probably jump for joy.


Our Best Advice

Any medicines that your doctor prescribes is best taken when you're told to take them. In other word, follow your doctors advice and instructions. My husband and I both realize that it's not always easy to do, but it's the best thing for you.

Again, I must remind you that we are NOT doctors...and NEVER will be.


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