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11/1/06 to 11/8/06 - Worked at building this website and designing the images for it. Some images and other items are still in the making and I have set a deadline for 1/1/07 for this website to be completed. On 1/1/07, I will also open the awards program to the public.

11/9/06 - Completed the main website today. I will now concentrate on the awards program and developing the pages for it.

11/10/06 - Forgot to do the arrow button links on the main website, so I did them today. Worked on the awards program some and completed a few of the pages. Also created pins for pinning up special items today. I also added an update to Harold situation today, giving my assessment of the healing process.

11/12/06 - I completed the Awards Program today, except for linking the arrow buttons. My next step is to proofread everything to be sure that my website has no spelling or grammar errors.

11/13/06 - I completed the proofreading and editing today, but still have not linked the arrow buttons of the awards program. Despite the fact that I'm finishing things much ahead of schedule, I will not open the awards program until 1/1/07 as planned.

11/14/06 - Linked the arrow button in the Awards Program section today. It is now ready for opening day on 1/1/07.

11/15/06 - Changed the established date on the awards program due to the fact that I will not be opening it to the public until 1/1/07. Also edited the winners pages so that they congratulate the winners.

1/2/07 - Received my first award for this website today.

3/14/07 - Did away with the GuestBook completely.

4/9/07 - Modified parts of the Awards Program Criteria's and some of the Legal Information on both the Main Website and Awards Program.

4/16/07 - Redesigned the website and added valuable information to the Legal Information pages for both the main website and awards program.

4/20/07 - The doctor appointments have once again resumed, so you may want to keep a close eye on the update pages for the hubby. As this is the way I will be handling any and all updates for our friends and family once again.

6/4/07 - Changed the main background image.

6/12/07 - Added updates on my husband today after having problems getting to do so the past few weeks.

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