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Hubby's Post Surgery Recovery Updates

Update 8/18/07

Due to seeking another home to live in, only the appointments with hubby's doctors are being kept at this point. We have lost a court case involving our home and must seek other housing before anything else can or will be done concerning my hubby's health.

Meanwhile, his doctors and I are very concerned for his health and well-being. The reason is due to a minor heart attack back in May of this year. It was brought on by the stress of our housing situation and the pending court case that has now taken place, causing us to lose our home.

If anyone is reading this page from the Caro, Michigan USA area, and you have an apartment or home for rent, please contact us using the email links on this page or by sending an email to AnitaEberline@centurytel.net. We need a place to go by at least October 15th, 2007. You may also contact me by calling my cell phone at (989) 549-3430.

Housing Information:

We are seeking a drawling with at least 2 bedrooms and has the heat, lights and water included in the rent, along with trash pickup included in the rent. Due to our health conditions, we also need the landlord to do any and all yard work. However, our income is limited due to my hubby's Social Security Disability, and we can only afford to pay approximately $425 per month. Though we can, if need be, pay up to $500 per month. Please contact us for more details.

Update 9/1/07

It is with a grand smile that I can announce to all of you that we have found an apartment and am preparing to move in. I will still be in the same town and have the same contact as I have had in the past, but until the moved is completed, I will be leaving the contact information on this website the same as it is now. Please be patient while we make this very important move for our health sack.


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