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Hubby's Post Surgery Recovery Updates

Update 4/20/07

With the car completely fixed and everything all set to go, I've rescheduled Harold's appointment for May as follows:


Vascular Surgeons - May 4, 2007 at 1:30 pm


Heart Specialist - May 7, 2007 at 1:30 pm


Diabetes Specialist - May 8, 2007 at 1:50 pm

Now here is the thing with all of these doctor appointments going on again. I'm going to need your patience with me, as I tend to be beat by the time I get home. I might not get to updating these pages until the next day. Then, if there are appointment one day after the other like the 7th and 8th of May, it will take me a bit longer to rest up from the trips to the cities.

Another thing, is the awards program. I will be accepting applications for the awards right through everything going on, but it might take a bit of extra time for the evaluations and what not due to an extremely busy spring and summer of doctor appointments until the surgery on Harold's legs is completely and my patient is able to once again wait on himself. My first and for most priority will be my husband's well-being until this is all said and done.

Also, I want to warn everyone that I can be a bit testy during this time between now and the time everything is done. So please be extra patient and don't bite back no matter how bad I get. This will again be a very difficult time for both my husband and myself, and the last thing I need is hard feelings over little or nothing due to the stress that I'll be under.

Update 5/5/07

There is nothing to report new on Harold's condition due to the fact that we had to cancel all the appointments again on 5/3/07. However, this time they were rescheduled for June and we are hoping to make it there then.

What happened? Well, it was Bush's better idea for insurance for people like my husband. The government decided to take more money out of his SSA check to cover the rising costs of medical care. But they took it all at once, which put a huge bite to our pocket book. We barely paid the bills this month, and have little or no food to eat through the month. There is no money for gas for the car to make the trips and it was a tough decision to make for me on what to do with what and where. So Harold and I sat down to figure it all out, and by the time we were done, the doctors appointments got canceled in a effort to save us from any added stress.

What do we plan to do for groceries this month? Well, that a real good question. With no money and the threat of losing many things at present, we are forced to go to our local churches for help. Something that we've never had to do before and we're not proud of it. It's tough asking for help for ourselves, and it's even tougher to accept it. But we have NO choice if we are going to survive the month and eat. If we ever needed your patience and help, it is now. I would welcome any and all help, but at the same time, I must tell you that we cannot afford to pay even a single penny back to anyone who decides to send us anything.

The bills that got paid before running out of money are:


Our lights


Our phone


Our heating

We have called the rest of the companies to get extra time for paying them, but we could only get 15 to 20 days at best. Once those are gone, we start losing things left and right. Because the ones mentioned above were not willing to work with us at all, we were forced to choose between paying them and eating. Without these three things, my husband would not be able to take what medicines he has at present and keep warm at night. Which is a must for him. The phone is a must should there be an emergency for him so that I can call 911. Otherwise, I wouldn't be online now to let anyone know what is happening.

As for the new schedule for the doctors appointments, they are as follows:


Vascular Surgeons - June 12, 2007 at 2:00 pm


Heart Specialist - June 5, 2007 at 3:00 pm


Diabetes Specialist - June 19, 2007 at 12:50 pm

Hope to see you all again next month.

Update 5/20/07

It is unfortunate that my husband did not make it to his first appointment before having a mild heart attack today. He will spend over night in the hospital and be under a doctors care. If all is ok by morning, he may return home and be instructed to doing little of nothing until further testing can be done.

Update 5/21/07

Harold is home and doing well. But the instructions are as stated above for last nights report on his status.

Though he is resting and instructed to do so until his appoint in June, there are several things that make little or no sense. The symptoms themselves were that of many things, except for one dead give-away of him having a heart attack. Those symptoms were as follows:








shortness of breathe


and cold to the touch

See where this is going? He was not experiencing pain in the chest area whatsoever. We were not given the name for this type of heart attack, but it revealed another blockage that can cause problems down the road.

Hope to see you all again next month.

Update 6/6/07

The visit to Harold's heart specialist went well and the restrictions have been changed to do what he wants as long as he does not over do now. The sad news, Harold has put off the testing until other things here at home are taken care. I know, there is nothing more important than his health, but we are losing our home at present and am in the process of finding other housing for ourselves. With this in mind, the doctor has allow him time with fair warring of what could happen if this problem is let go to long.

Update 6/12/07

The Vascular Surgeons office visit went well indeed. However, they must wait on the pending advice of Harold's heart specialist at this point. Other than that, they are ready to take care of the rest of their surgeries when everything is cleared with the new heart specialist, Dr. Brill.

He is determined to live as he always is and takes it easy in order to keep the Vascular Surgeons happy as well.

The best news, we have decided to move to an apartment to make both our lives easier and better. We are in the purpose of looking for one now.

Hope to see you all again next month.


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