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Hubby's Post Surgery Recovery Updates


Update 11/10/06

I thought everyone might like to read my assessment of the situation. So this is to let everyone know from my aspect just how Harold is doing. Which is real good from where I'm looking at things. I have taken care of things of this nature most of my life, and I find this case amazing in so many ways. I know, you think I'm saying this because Harold is my husband and I'm a bit bias about things here. But that isn't the case at all.

I know from past experience, that a person with diabetes will heal slower than most other people due the diabetes alone. But from my conversations with the doctors taking care of this, Harold is right on time with most of the healing process. It is only the one incision giving him problems and even that is now healing correctly. This is not to say that it didn't give us a run for our money, because it most certainly has indeed done that without an problem. But it is to say that Harold has done as instructed by the doctors.

Harold doesn't seem to see the improvements, but that is due to it being him that this is happening to. Most who go through something of this nature or even a badly injured leg or something have trouble seeing the improvements for themselves. This is because they feel the pain and the physical part of what the problem is first hand. Where as I am sitting back watching what is happening and taking care of the troubled incision.

The doctors have had me using special creams and jells for the past month or more now to aid the open area of the incision in healing, and they are doing the job they are intended for. The first one (the cream), was to help rid the incision in getting rid of the dead fatty tissues and promote the beginning process of healing. The jell that is now in use is to simply promote the healing. I'm seeing improvement on a daily basis, whereas, I wasn't before.

Now that he has healed some, I'm seeing other improvements as well. And am very pleased with the results of this first surgery to promote blood flow to the midsection of Harold's body. He is walking better, but not perfect yet...as those legs still need surgery as well. Though Harold tends to be a bit on the grumpy side, the pain is less as well from the surgery itself. He is also now starting to want to do things that just aren't allow just yet, which the doctors and I figure is a good sign of healing as well.

My overall assessment of the situation. Harold is doing great for what he's going through and the healing process is now more on track. He's picking on me more and saying silly things just to get me to laugh again...he hadn't done this for almost 2 months. So the prospective healing has began to be more as it should be.

This the assessment of his wife/nurse. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday all...I know I will. And I have plenty to be thankful for this year.


Update 12/4/06
This appointment was canceled due to bad weather and re-scheduled for 12/7/06. Lets hope the weather cooperates the next time around.
Update 12/12/06

At this point, we are without a car to get to the city for Harold's appointments and are in the process of fixing the car we have. So far, it is a very slow process, as the man who is to come take a look at the car has the flu and is unable to come until he is feeling better.

Update 1/22/07

Things aren't as well as we had hoped and we were again without a car for 2 months. We have it fixed now and have to re-schedule appointments in Flint to the specialists there for the rest of his vascular needs. We have his diabetes so much under control that even the doctor for it is concerned that maybe I'm doing to good a job with it. So now I have to allow him things that help to keep his sugar up a bit.

Harold is healed up for the most part from the surgery...but we do have some concerns that we are going to address with vascular surgeons in Flint concerning the latest surgery. There seems to be lumps where there shouldn't be...and they are very bothersome for him. Nothing to be considered urgent or anything...but something that does need addressing.

Another concern is the weight lose...from 169.5 to 175.5 lbs. down to 150.5 within a 2 month period. WAY TO MUCH...WAY TO FAST!!!!! This isn't normal according the doctors in Flint...and they need to know about it. We could get down to Flint before now...and it hasn't help the situation any and we both know. Everyone wanted the weight to come down...but I don't think they meant this fast.

Catch you all on the next update!!! Have a great healthy life all!!!


Update 1/29/07

Well, the car is fixed and all appointments have been re-scheduled for Harold. I have a busy week starting on 2/2/07 with taking him for blood work. I will most likely be on the road more than home from that point forward until all the appointments have been kept. Once they are, I will update again then, as there will not be time to do so for the duration of all pending appointments.

Catch you all on the next update!!! Have a great healthy life all!!!

Update 3/26/07

Just when you think something is fixed, it isn't and the fun begins all over again with the repairs and what not that it takes to get it fixed. This time I didn't update you because Harold and I want to see how the car would do before doing anything else.

Being poor people isn't much fun at times, and the cost of repairs on anything can be a huge undertaking to say the least. But we seem to manage for the most part and will be rescheduling those appointments again soon.

You all must be thinking by now that we're running some type of scam by now...but rest assured that the health issues are not a scam at all. I have several telephone calls to make to get the ball rolling again for hubby, and there are countless others things that must be taken care of at the same time, so please have patience with us. When I have the appointments rescheduled, I will try to post them here for you all. That way you'll know about as much as I do about when things will begin happening.

Again, Harold and I ask for your patience and understanding while we go through some most difficult times. This will take time, as doctors do not seem to hurry for anyone unless it is an emergency. And so far, we have been fortunate in that area for this thing. No emergencies have arisen so far, which we are totally grateful for at this point.

Catch you all on the next update!!! Have a great healthy life all!!!


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