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Hubby's Post Surgery Recovery Updates


Update 10/16/06

It's been an exhausting day to say the least as everything checks out to be as normal as they can be for Harold. The incision is just fine and we are told that because of his condition as a diabetic that this type of thing occurring is completely and totally normal. What looks to be an infection inside the open part of the incision is fatty tissue that is in the area where the incision exists, which is dead tissue that can be helped and gotten rid of with special care and a cream that they sent us home with to use in the open area of the incision.

What they did today was clear it out a bit and drain the fluid off again to help the pressure and pain, plus help the healing process. Then they replaced the dressing and sent us on our way with a better knowledge of what is going on with Harold's body as it is healing.

Why did we raise such a fuss over this issue? Well...it's a bit complex, but I'll do my best to explain the situation that we have.

Harold's heart specialist was seen on 10/10/06, and there was a huge problem with telling him just what the surgeons had told me about the situation. Dr. Harris had called me a liar for what I had told him about what the surgeons said and explained to me...which had upset me something awful because this is not something that I consider minor at all. Then he had the nerve to tell both my husband and myself that it was infected without so much as looking at the incision, and accusing me of doing something to cause an infection to get a start in the incision wound. Upon taking this up with Harold's surgeons today, I learned that what I had told the heart specialist was exactly correct and that everything we are experiencing with this is normal due to the fact that my husband is a diabetic.

For the first time since this all began in May of 2006, I let go of my feelings and let the tears flow as well. Since Dr. Harris had accused me of wrong doing by my husband and causing an infection in the incision, I had begun blaming myself for all the problems as well...leading up to today's decision to ask the surgeons about everything under the sun. After they had explained everything clearly to me and my husband, they assured me that NONE of this is my fault whatsoever and that I have been doing a wonderful job at home with his care. They also promised to call Dr. Harris to straighten him out to get him off my case and blaming me...which hopefully will do the trick and teach him that not everything is my fault when I'm the soul care giver at home.

As most of my internet friends have come to know, I'm as honest as the blue sky above has been blue...and if I lie to anyone, it is purely accidental and never done purposely. I believe that mistakes can be made by any human being regardless of who we are...and with this in mind...I have no reason to lie now or ever in my mind. It's easy to make mistakes...but I refuse to purposely do anything to harm another fellow human being regardless of who they are. Friends, family and total strangers all receive the same treatment regardless of who they are with me...and my husband is no exception to my rules by which I live my life.

This is the reason I had once again closed all my awards programs to devote all my time to my husband's care at home. Then to learn that I had done nothing was a relief that can never be explained or put into words. Of course, the awards programs will remain closed for a bit longer to be sure that I'm doing my job at home as wife and nurse properly, but I'm sure that everyone will understand my reasons for doing so. Therefore, all my awards program are still "Temporary Suspended until further notice" while we are going through the healing process.

Until my next update on our situation, be blessed and continue those prayers for us please. Your prayers are helping in more ways than you know. Thank you one and all for your prayers, love and support through this difficult time. Your next update should be on or about 10/24/06 after Harold sees his diabetic specialist.


Update 10/24/06

While Harold was at the diabetes specialists today, we found out that he has yet another problem that has been in treatment since he was in the hospital. He has a bad Thyroid that the doctor says can add to the diabetes problems, and it's doing a bit better with this visit to Dr. Hammoud. Harold's blood sugar is now ranging between 115 and 131 much of the time.

Dr. Hammoud is again impressed with the way I'm able to control Harold's sugar levels and put him on just the pills as I have been controlling it with pretty much diet alone here at home. No more insulin for Harold unless his sugar levels are out of sorts from eating out or at someone else's house who has no idea how to follow the diet he is on for both his heart and diabetes. This is excellent, and I can relax just a bit for a while between appointments now.

We have been struggling with everything so much and this is what I call super news to my ears. It's been a long haul so far, but we're getting there. We still have a long way to go, but things are finely looking up for both of us. With reports like this, things should go a bit easier soon.

I take Harold to see Dr. Hammoud in 6 weeks to check that thyroid again and his blood sugar. But the next update will be sooner than that, as we see the vein specialists on 11/6/06 and then we see Dr. Harris on 11/9/06.

Rest assured my friends, Harold is improving daily and doing much better with everything. However, that incision is still a huge concern, as it doesn't seem to change much at all. We are bless to have all our friends and family praying for us, and we hope to have this road of travel slow down soon. I realize that most of you are missing me online by now...but that too will be more as time goes bye. As Harold is doing much better and is doing more on his own now with different things.

He is already walking much better, and looking forward to those walks in the summer time with me once again. Though we know that he still needs the surgery done on his legs when this is healed, we are already enjoying life a bit more and easier from what's been done so far. Don't take this as a sign of all is ok though, as there is still much healing to be done. All good things come in time, and we are on our way to a better life for both of us.

Until the next update, may you all find goodness and love in your lives.


Update 11/6/06

That incision is finely doing better and healing like we all want it to, and the doctors are very pleased with his progress at this point. I am also happy with today's visit and still working to help heal and encourage my husband to keep doing...keep trying. He's now making wonderful progress that we are all seeing who know him personally.

We were told today that all the doctors at Michigan Vascular Center are impressed with me and how I stand by Harold through all that he's been through. That my healing techniques are good for both the hubby and myself, and that I would make a fantastic nurse. But as I told the doctors, I couldn't do this without Harold's cooperation and wanting to get well.

According to the doctors, Harold should be able to get those legs fixed sooner then originally thought. Which means, that aneurysm can be dealt with sooner as well. This has made our day as a couple and we can both see the light of day once again. It's been a long road so far, and  there is still more to come. But at least now, we see us getting through this mess quicker and easier.

I'm delighted to tell you all that the next appointment is next month and that we have a longer breathing point in between the visits at last..

We go for an appointment with Harold's heart specialist on 11/9/2006, which is in just a couple of days. I will update this page again then.


Update 11/9/06

Today's exam with Harold's heart specialist went well, and we are back to every 3 months for visiting that office. It is truly slowing down for doctor visits at last and we are on the road to a true recovery that is going very well in deep now.

Life here at home is also slowly getting back to normal state, which means I can start concentrating on my awards programs more again. I've missed them so and it's time to get back to doing what I love on the internet once again.

Harold sees the vascular surgeons again next month for that incision and seeing where things are going to get those leg fixed. Until then, have a wonderful time and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.


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