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Hubby's Post Surgery Recovery Updates


Update 9/15/06

Well...Harold is definitely diabetic and we are working at bring that sugar down to normal before the surgery date. While at the doctors, we also learned the he has Type 2 which is good because he will not have to stay on the insulin once it is under control and will be able to take medicine in pill form to keep the diabetes in check. For now, to bring it under control faster, he will be getting a shot of insulin and taking pills so that it can be brought under control in time for surgery on 9/21/06.

Harold is not as tall as he use to be either.  When I met my husband, he was 5' 11" and he is now 5' 7" tall. According to the doctor, this is normal for a man in his condition. His bone mess is strong and normal for his age and appears in good health...which is a good sign according to the doctor. During the visit today, Harold sugar count was down to 354, which is 51 point drop from yesterday when the surgeons office called and made the appointment for today. This is also good, as this means the his diet will play a huge roll in helping to control his diabetes. However, the points to the sugar level can go up and down during the day, so the doctor wasn't impressed with it all that much.

For the fun of it, I had them measure my height today, and I've gone from 5' 1" to an even 5', which is also normal for a women of my age. (Notice that I have not given our ages just yet.)

Ok...back to the husband. We go back to see this doctor on 9/19/06 at 1:40 pm for to him check Harold progress with bring down the sugar level in his blood. Hopefully, we will get the ok for surgery on 21st, just 3 days later. The purpose of using the insulin at this point to bring the diabetes under control in time for surgery and get it stabilized so that it is safe to do the surgery. Say your prayers my dear friends. I've been praying every moment that I'm awake to do so, as this surgery is that important to my husband and how he could do in the future. The diabetes is just as equally important to bring under control at the same time right now, as without it being sable, he cannot have the surgery until it is brought under control.

I'm extremely drained as always after our trip to the city, so your next update will come after I'm had a chance to rest and relax. I will try to post the a diabetic chart so that we can keep you informed of his progress online.


Update 9/19/06

Harold's sugar count is down to safe numbers and his surgery is not canceled after all. Things will go as planned and with the safety that the doctors wanted. All systems are go...all is scheduled to do what needs to be done...which is a huge relief to both of us.

Though we must admit, we had our doubts about this when we first found out that Harold had diabetes, it is a relief to know that the doctor was impressed with how well I was able to bring his blood sugar down in such a short time. With the proper diet and meds, I was able to bring it down to 116 by the time we made our visit to his office today. This impressed the doctor so much that he sent us on our way with a huge smile on his face. Remember now, Harold's blood sugar was 405, and it is now at 116 in just 4 days. It's odd how these things can work at times, but I'm not fighting the results.

Now that we know that Harold's surgery is on and will done on time, I may or may not have the time to update this page for you all. But I will give it my best shot. For now, I will be offline much of the time so that I can be ready to go on surgery day to the hospital. Because of the long drive that I have to drive to get my husband to the hospital on time for surgery, we will be leaving our home on 9/21/06 at 3:00 am EST in the USA. I will spend at least that day and night at the hospital before returning home to do any updates on this site for you.  So please have patience....I'm only human...and the time of my stay depends on how Harold is doing after surgery and all...so please allow me more time if you don't see any updates for a few days. Total of days in the hospital should be about 10 days without complications...longer with complications. If you don't see any updates for the entire 10 days, then I decided to stay right there to save on gas and money.


Update 9/21/06

Today was surgery day and I'm proud to announce that Harold came through it with flying colors this time. He skin color is good and the doc did the complete job in just over 5 and 1/2 hours. I'm soooo proud of Harold on the way there too...as he talked nothing but positive thoughts and even made jokes about different things. When it was all said and done...we will not have to have a second surgery for the legs after all...and the whole mess is over with except for the healing process. This is a good day my dear one's...and it is over with so that we can now look onward and upward. We can look forward to having a better life that we can enjoy better in the future. So he has diabetes....so the diet changes once again...at least he is alive to have the change and be with me on this earth a while longer with hopefully no pain after he heals. And I'm sure that will come about now.

I have now been up and going for over 20 hours total and still going for a while longer...as this little Indian is going to bed since I ate a bit of dinner and loved up the animals who seem a bit confused to why only I return home to them. I sat talking with them for a long while...telling them about the day and that daddy will be coming home also in a few days or so. I swear I have the best little dog in the world...as I am just getting to look around more...and there were absolutely NO accidents any where in the house in that 20 hours of not being here to let him out to potty. Any way, both dog and cat settled down into relaxation with me and seem to know that I tell them honestly.

I want you to know that you would have been proud of me this day my dear one's....no tears were shade until I heard from the doc...and those were tears of joy...knowing that my wind song will be just fine. The doc said that there was little lose of blood and that each procedure went exceptional well. I actual felt some of the weight being lifted from my shoulders as the doctor spoke those amazing words that was telling me that all went well. I know that it will take time for the healing to be complete...and that not all the stress is relieved...but the load isn't as huge as it was. My chest doesn't hurt tonight...my nerves are much calmer and I feel like a billion dollars knowing that the worst is over.

I may not return home for a few days now...as I want to spend all the days I can with Harold so that he isn't alone so much at the hospital. Our prayers are answered big time....and I'm soooo thankful to you all for your love and support so far. Until I return home the next time, as we can  all relax in that the healing process has began.


Update 9/26/06

Just 5 days after having the major surgery, Harold is home and doing very well indeed. He has amazed his doctors and nurses, along with myself.

I will be doing things for the my husband here at home that will keep me from updating this page as often, but I will do my best to keep up with everything. Harold's care is my primary responsibility at this point, so please bare with me.


Update 9/29/06
Part of the stitches were removed today at the doctors office to make him a little more comfortable. Harold continues to recover and heal, and is doing well.


Update 10/6/06

I'm sorry for not contacting you sooner with Young Blood's progress. We are now facing complications that were unforeseen by us from his surgery and he may have to go back into surgery as soon as Monday, October 9, 2006 due the complications that he is experiencing at this point. So it means yet more time away from home that we did not count on when we started the process of getting Young Blood's problems taken care of. Fluid keeps collecting in the one incision and they drained it today, however, if it collects fluid again by the date above, it will require surgery to correct the problem....so we are looking at yet more problems then we thought originally.

If things go well on Monday, I will notify you. I have him home...but the time at home must be used to take extremely good care of him and that is actually what I plan to do. The doctor visit today was not at all good news for us and we must, at this point, prepare for the worst. So if you find my awards programs closed until further notice, you'll know the reason for such action. It is impossible to do what I need to do at this point and run what I loving doing at the same time. So I am forced once again to Temporary Suspend my awards programs until further notice.


Update 10/15/06

It's been a busy and on the road life around here. I'm always and forever heading either to or from the docs in Flint for Harold and continually seeing to the needs at hand. I've not been online hardly at all and I miss it something awful...as I'm having those internet withdrawals big time now. But that is the least of my worries at this point...as that incision is not getting any better that I can tell. It still has a lot of puss and yuck coming from it and it is also seeming to be opening up a bit more with each passing day. I take Harold back again tomorrow (10/16/06) for a 2:00 pm appointment in Flint at the surgeons office where we are both about to raise the roof about this. The darn thing isn't healing and Harold's sugar count is way down and has been sable for the most part (count is 113 to 115)...and that is mostly with diet more than anything...as I've been sick for the past week now with bronchitis...and have been unable to keep good track of it during this time. I check it in the mornings and evenings...and if I've caught him cheating on the diet...I do 4 to 6 checks a day. But he's been really good about not cheating...so I don't worry about it so much.

Ah yes...the bronchitis...that evil little thing just kind of came out of no where and next thing I knew...I was sicker than a dog in no time. I noticed it starting at the heart specialist's office last Tuesday and have been fighting ever since to keep going when necessary. The doc that I sew for it said that I was a hair away from other problems and caught it just in time (sew doc on Wednesday of last week). So I've been pretty sick for the most part. Feeling somewhat better...I decided it was time to update this page so you all know that we're ok and still doctoring for the incision every Monday...want to or not.


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