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Welcome to Our Get Healthier Website


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This website was created to share with people the realities of our health and lives as we know it. We are not doctors and will never be doctors. We offer information on a few conditions that we know for ourselves first hand, because we live with the effects in our daily lives. We are just two individuals with our health going down hill as we get older, and decided to share our experiences with our conditions to let others know that they are not alone.

The topics here are of our own personal health conditions and nothing more. With this website I, Anita Eberline, hope to bring attention to some health issues that seem to be a growing trend with the American public due to the abundance of fast foods and other things that we tend to eat on a daily basis. Heart disease is one of the topics touched upon that has become an increasing concern to many Americans today.

Other topics included on this website are:







I will also be giving my own accounts of the experiences of dealing with this issues on a daily basis for and with my husband Harold as he goes through some major surgeries and the healing process, which is given in a progress report on this website for the vascular surgery that he had on 9/21/2006 and still have more to come in a effort to get his mobility back in his legs. And it is a great concern for him, because if he does go through these things, it will eventfully take his life. But not before totally disabling him.

These topics are not at all easy for me to share with the world, but I feel that it is time that someone shared their experiences so that others may know that they are not alone, and that someone does understand the full impact of their own situation. I can no longer sit ideally bye while there are so many suffering from these or similar symptoms. I have devoted my life to my husband long before any of these things took place, and that devotion has only been made stronger with the events that we have had to endure.

These issues did not suddenly appear on 9/21/2006, as they all start when he had his heart attack on 12/26/1999. It was the day after Christmas, and our lives changed from that point on and continue to change with each new issue that comes up. Everything from our life style to our diet changed with just the heart attack alone.

On 1/26/2000, I found myself waiting for what seemed to be an eternity while Harold went though heart bypass surgery. It was the longest day of my entire life and I was in high hopes that he would never have to go through anything like it again.


Updates on Hubby

In May 2006, I started a quest that has lead Harold and myself on a roller coaster that seems to never end and has now escalated into a very serious situation. To get right to what is going on at present, we are now finding out on 9/14/06 that my husband is diabetic and his blood sugar level is at 405. Which is way, way to high to do the vein replacement surgery that he needs in order to save his life. My dear and beloved friends, both on and off the internet have been praying for us since I let them know what is going on a little over a month ago from the established date at the top of this page.

To make a long story short, Harold now has to see another doctor for the diabetes on 9/15/06 so that he may begin to get it under control and still have the surgery he needs on the 9/21/06.

I will post the results of that visit as soon as I am able to do so. However, please keep in mind that for each trip to the city for appointments and the like, it drains me to a point that I may not get to the update right away. So please have patience. To view more updates on Harold and what is happening, visit the Hubby's Info page.


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