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Awards Won


I'd like to thank all those who have evaluated my website for their awards, and awarded me according to their criteria's. Thank you ever so much for all your time and efforts.

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The Game Puppet - Awarded 1/2/07
AS! 3.0


I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you my award. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.

The Game Puppet


Not Rated

Hi, Anita

Congratulations: I am pleased to tell you that `Eberline`s Healthy Thinking` is the first website to win my Silver Award.

Your website is very informative displaying good advice on health problems, your dedication on the various subjects is reflected within the content of your pages. It is a pleasure to navigate and is an asset to the internet community.

Take care and keep up the good work,

Best wishes to you and Harold.


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