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You're Not Alone


This is not a go it alone type of thing and there are hundreds of people with the same or similar problems out there. Very few are willing to share their experience with it and therefore the chances of finding many like me out there are slim at best. So why have I decided to share this with the world? Because there not enough people willing to do this and because I figured that someone needed to do it. You're not alone with your problems...you're not the only one who feels lost and going through absolute misery. It's just a matter of getting those who have the problems to open their hearts and minds to recognize that they need to talk about it to others. My husband is well aware of what I'm doing with this website and agreed to me doing this in an effort to help others, and likes the idea.

By creating a website of this nature, we understand that we are doing what most will not. We don't expect miracles for ourselves or anyone else. We know our situation is looking better because the doctors say that things are looking better...but we also realize that your situation may not be the same as ours. So this isn't a cure all that will help with the physical end of things, but mentally, it can help another going anything similar.

We want people to know that their problems can be over come with work and effort on their part, and that there is hope even when you don't see it. My husband doesn't see his own recovery as I do, nor does he see the improvements so far with himself. But this is because he tends to be impatient about his healing and everything seems to take forever when you're the person with the problem. He also feels alone at times, even though I'm right here with him and making sure everything is just fine with him. There are times when he feels like he's the only one in the world with heart problems and vascular problems. But the fact is, there are hundreds out there.

The one thing that I keep telling him is, "You've got me here and I'm not going anywhere." I encourage him to do things for himself that is allowed, and help him with the ones aren't allowed. We are fortunate to have each other for support and we both know it. And we both realize that not everyone has this type of closeness with a spouse or other loved one. But it has been an important part of my husband's recovery and healing.

If you don't have a spouse or family member, I recommend contacting a friend who will be willing to be there through everything with you. As nobody should have to go it alone through something of this nature. When Harold's family couldn't make it to be with me during surgery, I called upon a close and very dear friend to come to the hospital the day of surgery. I knew that the support would be important for my peace of mind. And that the friend was also dependable. So don't be afraid to call someone you know will care, as they can help make a difference.

If you're into a lot of internet things, especially with the awards community, they too can offer moral support that will make a difference. If it hadn't been for friends online and our special friend whom we know personally, I don't know where we would be with this thing. Everyone did their part, even if it was only praying for us and thinking of us during our time of troubles. I can honestly say that I know everyone's prayers helped a great deal, and that they willingness to be there through email was absolutely wonderful. And had it not been for all this love and support coming our way, I might have not been able to keep going as I did through it all for my husband.

It is with great joy and thankfulness that I can get through even the most difficult times due to family and friends being there to talk to on a telephone or in person. The same goes for all those who allowed me to contact them by email to let them know that our prayers were being answered as we had hoped. So I want to take this opportunity to thank each friend out there for their love and support in dark times.


Many thanks and love to:


Sandra Gerbers


Rhonda Serong


Serena Steventon


Denny Lancaster & Awards Sites! Staff


Huub Crapels


William Heilig


John Grannell (Our close and personal friend who was there during surgery.)


You's were my rock sort to speak and I will never forget the out pouring of love and support for myself and my husband while going through this vascular surgery. You were all there in your own way, giving your eyes or ears to hear my concerns. You all will never be forgotten.


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