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About This Website


This website was created in an effort to help others in our position and give information on healthcare for all our visitors. Again, as stated on the home page of this website, we are NOT doctors and will never be doctors. So it is best that you get the advice of your doctor if you wish to try any of the methods we use personally.

It is my intentions to teach others about some of the health issues contained within this website and being awareness to these issues. Everyone's health is important and should be preserved rather than have problems nobody needs or wants.

In creating this website, I used our health as a base example for people facing these types of problems with their own health, and it not intended to give anyone advice on what they should do for themselves. I offer information that can give you an idea of what can be expected and the possibilities are endless for any given case. Your healthcare will vary from what I have mentioned on this website, and you should always follow the advice your doctor gives you.

This website was also created to allow others to see that they are NOT alone. Sure, you see others in the doctors office that need care in some way or another due to health issues that they are having, but that doesn't always tell you what their problems are. By creating this website, it gives the viewer an informative place to visit and see that there others who have maybe a similar problem to yours.

It is my intention and hopes, that everyone who visits this website, leaves with a more informed mind as to the health issues discussed within it.


About Us as a Couple

We've been married for 20 years as of 8/13/06 and have been together a total of 24 year as of the same date. We live in Caro, Michigan USA and enjoy our lives regardless of what all you read is wrong with us. We live and breathe one for the other and are deeper in love.


About Anita

I'm fun loving gal who enjoys website design, but most of all, I'm a wife and nurse to my husband Harold. I'm the one who built and maintain this website and wanted to share what most people consider private information. I live and breathe for helping people and showing love and respect while doing so.


About Harold

My primary concern and the love of my life. He is my patient, my lover and so much more.



I have not advertised this website other than placing links to it from my other websites, or by giving an award to another webmaster/webmistress through the awards program contained within this website.

If you have a website of your own, and would like to place either a text link or an image link to this website without applying for the awards offer through the awards program, simply email me or use the information below:


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