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To start you out, web site design is not all that hard to do.  It like learning to do anything else.  It takes time and takes willingness to learn.

Basic HTML is what this page will contain, and I hope to explain and show you the basics to building your first page...which would be considered as your home page.

First, in creating the home page, you need a HTML editor such as FrontPage.  However, you can use Windows Notepad to build just as well.  Only you'll need to know the HTML coding to do so.  So, what I'll do is give you some HTML coding and explain it to the best of my abilities.  Don't panic, it's not that hard.

Starting a web page with Notepad:

First, open Notepad.

Second, you need to start the coding that will tell the browser (i.e. Internet Explorer Browser) that it is a web page.  To do this, you would type in this coding at the beginning of your document.









To explain the above, the <html> is the beginning of your html document, and anything that looks like this </> is the closing.  This are called tags.  Therefore, your first tag is <html> and your ending tag is </html>.  These two tags are the beginning and ending of the html document.  Please note that the <html> (goes at the top of the page) and the </html> (goes at the bottom of the page) must always go at the top and bottom of your html document.

Then, you have your <head> and </head> tags.  Between these two tags is where you place information that only the browser will read.

Next, you have the <title> and </title> tags.  These puts the title of your web site in the browser title bar at the very top of the browser.  If you look at the coding above, you will notice that these tags are place in the head tags.

Next, you have the <body> and </body> tags, which is where you want to place all the text and/or images that you what on the page.

Between the body tags, you can place tables which help to organize the text and any images you might use on the page.  When your home page is completed, your should save it by clicking on "File", and then clicking "Save As".  You will see the save as window come up.  In the save as window, choose the fold you wish to same your html document in and type index.html, then hit enter or click on "Save".  You have just created your first html page for your web site.

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