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Hello & Welcome to Eberline's HTML School!

This site is about you, the person who wishes to learn HTML.

After several requests asking me to help others learn Web Site Design, I decided to created a place for them to come learn.  So here it is, a web site with people, for people to learn from for the good of all who comes.

I'm not a know it all and I will never claim to be.  All I'm doing is offering people a web site that teaches the how's to creating web sites.

I offer free images for everyone as well, and I'll even answer your questions if you have any to the best of my abilities.

Thank you so much for your interest in this site, and I hope that it helps you.


If you have a web site of your own, and you built and maintain it, then please visit the Awards Program section.

What's New?

6/19/05 - This web site has taken on a whole new design and look.  It has been revamped for navigation, design and a whole lot more.
11/19/05 - Closed the awards program due to not having enough interest.  There were winners, but not enough to keep it open.

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