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I ask that you give me credit for the work I've put into my images and templates that I provide for download to your computer.  These items are not to be linked to under any circumstances, as this is considered bandwidth theft if you do.  Please follow my requirements below if you should use any items on this web site.

  1. Use our site logo, which is below, by copying and pasting it to your server.

  2. Then copy and past the codes for the link you wish to use to your document.

The image and link should look like this: (168 x 68 pixels)

Images & Other Info Found at:
Eberline's HTML School Logo - Non-Animated

The actual coding looks like this:

88 x 31 pixels image:

Images & Other Info Found at:
Eberline's HTML School Logo - Animated

88 x 30 image code:

Our text link is below:

The text link should look as follows:

Eberline's HTML School - Learn HTML and much more!

We wish you the best luck with your web site and the work you do on it to help keep the Internet a safe place for all to surf.

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