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This site is copyrighted by me (Anita Eberline), and are rights are reserved by her to make any changes she sees fit to make at any given point.

Some information on this site is acquired by other means and used for the purpose of teaching people how to use certain coding. Information from other sites is used with permission for the purpose of teaching, and offering free information to the public.

I reserve the right to limit information for free and change for other information depending on the circumstances of the individual wanting my services. No part of this web site may be copied or duplicated for another web site without the expressed permission to do so by me (Anita Eberline).

All images on this web site is the creation of the owner, used with permission or used from a public domain site. Backgrounds and/or other images use for this site is created and copyrighted by Anita Eberline. This includes, but does not limit, the navigation buttons, which can change to suite the needs within this web site.

Some images are used with permission and limited to the copyright owner, but are used with permission for this web site. The same goes for some of the writings within this web site. Information for this web site is also taken from sources such as, newsletters, web site updates and other means received by me (Anita Eberline).

I, Anita Eberline, reserve the right to make changes to anything that proves to be incorrect or does not work properly for the use of teaching people web site design.

Some images are not mine, but are public domain as far as I know.  They are not copyrighted that I know of, but if you do see your images on this web site and want credit on page, please notify me and I will gladly cooperate with you.

If you see any text, images or other information that is yours and you claim copyright to, please contact the webmistress at:

Eberline's HTML School

I, Anita Eberline, will be happy to either take it off this web site or give credit due for your material on the page.

NOTE:  Some images presented on this web site were specially made for me by a friend who I will not mention.  I have full and total copyright to them, as they gave that right when the images were given to me.  Other images were found on public domain sites not asking for a link back to them, nor did they ask for credit to be given and I cannot remember when I got them.

Privacy Statement

I will under no circumstances, give out any information to any second or third parties that is sent to me through my contact page or application page.  All and any information gathered and/or given is strictly confidential.

Also, email addresses are not share with any second or third parties whatsoever.  It is intended for my use to contact you when answering your requests or questions.  I do not give out any information without your prior permission.

Individuals Under 18; No information should be submitted to this site by users under the age of 18.  Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to fill out the form or email the webmistress without prior permission from an adult.  Please read this link explaining the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] COPPA Act - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act website.  For more information, visit the Kids Privacy website.

Individuals under the age of 18 are not eligible to receive services from this site.  You must be at least 18 years of age to register for classes and/or participate in any and all class exercises.

This site contains links to other sites other than my own.  Those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as I do.  Such links may be to advertisers, content providers or general web resources.  These sites may send their own cookies to you, and may collect information and use it in a way inconsistent with my Privacy Policy.  I do not control the content that appears on these sites.  Such sites may contain information that collect content from providers independent of what I have created, maintained, published, posted or otherwise made available.

The use of any information or materials that you may access at these external sites is purely voluntary.  These external sites may also refer to specific commercial products, processes, or services by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise.  I have provided explicit authority, and such references in no way indicate my endorsement, recommendation or preference.


  1. I am not a recognized educational institute. Learning from this site will not give you any credits for other courses or industry recognized certificates. This site is here to provide free quality information for the education and enjoyment of anyone wishing to improve their knowledge in creating web pages.

  2. I, Anita Eberline, do not take responsibility for the way you might or might not feel about any given topic on this web site.

  3. I hold no responsibility for information sent by you to other people.  If you contact me saying I gave your information out, it is simply not true.  (See my privacy statement.)

  4. The graphics and/or writing on this site is strictly my own creations and are not to be copied for use on another site.  Except by permission ONLY.

  5. I will not accept inappropriate language and/or comments in any communication from you and reserve the right to delete anything I deem as such.

  6. If for any reason you have problems with this web site, please contact me and be exact about what the problem is or seems to be.

  7. If you do not agree with anything contained within my site, please feel free to leave, but don't be nasty.  Nastiness is uncalled for and will not be recognized whatsoever.

  8. E-groups are welcome to view my site and enjoy, but please do not invite me to join your groups.  I'm a very busy lady and cannot participate in groups.

Terms of Use

By viewing this site or using the contact forms on this site, you are agreeing not to hold me liable for any part that is not working properly, and are agreeing to notify me if any one part of the site is not in working order.  Any services used through other web sites are beyond my control, and I do not accept responsibility for that service.

Also, you are in agreement that any and all other sites that I link to are the soul responsibilities of the site owners and I am not liable for the content or images therein under any circumstances.

By downloading and using any of the images and/or downloads from this site, you are agreeing to link back to me using the information on my logo page to give me credit for my work and efforts in creating the images and/or templates.

Anytime you contact me either by email or through my contact form, your information is kept completely confidential and is not released to any second or third parties for any reason.  By using my contact method, I am under no obligation to guarantee their performance.  As far as I know, the contact form is working order and will not cause you any problems.

All content of this site is copyrighted by Anita Eberline.  They are my writings, words and ideas; and are strictly for this site.  They are not to be copied or reproduced in any way without my expressed permission, unless they are downloadable items provided to you as a service of help.  Should anyone see these writings on another web site who are not authorized to do so, please contact me.  By the terms hereof, you agree not to copy or steal any images and/or content for any reason.  However, I have provided image for download and will allow you to use them provided you give me credit for those works.  (See my Logo Page for more information.)

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