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The button above can be done in the following JavaScript format and use on any page.  You may copy and paste the coding below if you wish.   (Entire Page Code)

Fixed Position Menu - This menu will stay fixed in the top left-hand corner as your guest scrolls through your page.  Just follow the instructions that are within the coding below:   (Entire Page Code)

Drop Down Menu 1 - This menu is based on the standard drop-down style.   (Entire Page Code)

Drop Down Menu 2 - This menu uses layers to achieve the drop down effect.   (Entire Page Code)

Slide-In Horizontal - This menu slides in from the side on mouseover, and returns to its hidden position on mouseout.   (Entire Page Code)

Fading roll-over - This menu has a fading effect when rolled over.  (Entire Page Code)

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