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AS! 3.5

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Thank you one and all for the wonderful honors you have
bestowed upon me for this web site of learning.
Your efforts in viewing/evaluating my site is greatly appreciated.

Lorelei Awards Program - AS! Rated 3.5 - NOTE: Morning Star is my Native American Name
Received 12/8/05
AS! Rated 3.5

Dear Anita,

I am sincerely happy to hear that your award program has been re-opened! I have always deeply admired and respected your award programs, and would also beg you not to close it.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know your award program is opened anew.  I will be very delighted if you would accept my friendship award as a symbol of my deep appreciation, and gratitude for knowing such a multi talented woman and webmistress like you, Anita.

I am especially looking forward to soon re-apply for your award.  Have a great day, and may you be blessed richly too.

My warmest wishes,
Liza Lorelei Kliko

Lorelei Awards Program - Gold Award
Received 1/3/05
AS! Rated 3.5

Dear Anita,

Congratulations to you!!!

Your site has won the Lorelei Gold award!  Congratulations on creating an outstandingly informative, tastefully designed and truly useful website. As a beginner webmaster I have visited the "Eberline's HTML School" website a countless number of times, and learnt something new everyday. Thank you for enriching the Internet with such a unique and incredible site!

Good luck with future endeavors and with your brilliant career as a webmistress!

Kinds regards,
Liza Lorelei Kliko

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