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Eberline's HTML School is about learning.  I, Anita Eberline, have created this site out of popular demand from people who have asked me to teach them how to build a web site of their own.  It is a place about the design and building of a web site for all to learn with and by.

I have 6 to 10 years of experience doing web site design. I absolutely enjoy the work and strive for excellence. I believe that each web page on a site should have something special to say about the web site owner, yet, still watch in design throughout the web site.  How a site looks and feels is important to me as a design company with my clients interest a top priority.

This site is about teaching anyone the art of web site design for their own pleasure and building of their own web site.  We have all started somewhere in web site design, and have come short of our goals at some point.  I believe that this doesn't have to remain a problem for anyone who wishes to learn excellent web site design.  So this site is for you the webmaster or webmistress who wish to learn what it is all about.

I take web site design seriously, and I know that others want to learn.  I have the knowledge and want to share it with others who wish to know.  Give this site a chance to help you learn and develop those talents and abilities, and I'll do my level best to bring out the best in you.  But the actually learning and success you want is up to you.  As I do not give classes to help you out.  But if you email me or use my contact form, I'll do my level best to answer your questions if I can.

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