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World Flag Images & Codes

To download the flags, right click on each and save to your hard drive.  Do not link to the images themselves, as the file names will change from time to time.

Flag Code Country
ABW Aruba
Afghanistan AFG Afghanistan
South Africa AFS South Africa (Republic of)
Angola AGL Angola (Republic of)
AIA Anguilla
AMS Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands
albania ALB Albania (Republic of)
Algeria ALG Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
Andorra AND Andorra (Principality of)
Argentina ARG Argentine Republic
Armenia ARM Armenia (Republic of)
Antigua Barbuda ATG Antigua and Barbuda
Netherlandsant ATN Netherlands Antilles
Saudi Arabia ARS Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
Australia AUS Australia
Austria AUT Austria
Azerbaijan AZE Azerbaijani Republic
Azores AZR Azores
Azerbaijan B Brazil (Federative Republic of)
Bahamas BAH Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
Burundi BDI Burundi (Republic of)
Belgium BEL Belgium
Bermuda BER Bermuda
Benin BEN Benin (Republic of)
Burkinafaso BFA Burkina Faso
Bangladesh BGD Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
Bahrain BHR Bahrain (Kingdom of)
Bosnia Herzegovina BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLR Belarus (Republic of)
Belize BLZ Belize
Bolivia BOL Bolivia (Republic of)
Botswana BOT Botswana (Republic of)
Barbados BRB Barbados
Myanmar BRM Myanmar (Union of)
Brunei BRU Brunei Darussalam
Bhutan BTN Bhutan (Kingdom of)
Bulgaria BUL Bulgaria (Republic of)
c_africanrep CAF Central African Republic
Canada CAN Canada
Cambodia CBG Cambodia (Kingdom of)
Chile CHL Chile
China CHN China (People's Republic of)
Columbia CLM Colombia (Republic of)
Sri Lanka CLN Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
Cameroon CME Cameroon (Republic of)
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo COG Congo (Republic of the)
Comoros COM Comoros (Union of the)
Cape Verde CPV Cape Verde (Republic of)
CotedIvoire CTI Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of)
Costa Rica CTR Costa Rica
Cuba CUB Cuba
Cyprus CYP Cyprus (Republic of)
Czech Republic CZE Czech Republic
Germany D Germany (Federal Republic of)
Djibouti DJI Djibouti (Republic of)
Dominica DMA Dominica (Commonwealth of)
Denmark DNK Denmark
Dominican Republic DOM Dominican Republic
Spain E Spain
Egypt EGY Egypt (Arab Republic of)
Ecuador EQA Ecuador
Eritrea ERI Eritrea
Estonia EST Estonia (Republic of)
Ethiopia ETH Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)
France F France
Finland FIN Finland
Fiji FJI Fiji (Republic of)
Micronesia FSM Micronesia (Federated States of)
United Kingdom G United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Gabon GAB Gabonese Republic
Georgia GEO Georgia
Ghana GHA Ghana
Gibraltar GIB Gibraltar
Gambia GMB Gambia (Republic of the)
Guinea GNB Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)
eq guinea GNE Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
Greenland GRL Greenland
GRC Greece
Grenada GRD Grenada
Guatemala GTM Guatemala (Republic of)
Guinea GUI Guinea (Republic of)
Guam GUM Guam
Guyana GUY Guyana
Hong Kong HKG Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China)
Honduras HND Honduras (Republic of)
Hungary HNG Hungary (Republic of)
Netherlands HOL Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
Croatia HRV Croatia (Republic of)
Haiti HTI Haiti (Republic of)
Italy I Italy
India IND India (Republic of)
Indonesia INS Indonesia (Republic of)
Ireland IRL Ireland
Iran IRN Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Iraq IRQ Iraq (Republic of)
Iceland ISL Iceland
Israel ISR Israel (State of)
Japan J Japan
Jamaica JMC Jamaica
Jordan JOR Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
Kazakhstan KAZ Kazakhstan (Republic of)
Kenya KEN Kenya (Republic of)
Kyrgyzstan KGZ Kyrgyz Republic
Kiribati KIR Kiribati (Republic of)
Korea KOR Korea (Republic of)
KRE Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Kuwait KWT Kuwait (State of)
Laos LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
Lebanon LBN Lebanon
Liberia LBR Liberia (Republic of)
Libya LBY Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
LCA Saint Lucia
Liechtenstein LIE Liechtenstein (Principality of)
Lesotho (Kingdom of) LSO Lesotho (Kingdom of)
Lithuania LTU Lithuania (Republic of)
Luxembourg LUX Luxembourg
Latvia LVA Latvia (Republic of)
Mauritania MAU Mauritius (Republic of)
Monaco MCO Monaco (Principality of)
Republic of Moldova MDA Moldova (Republic of)
Madagascar MDG Madagascar (Republic of)
MDR Madeira
Mexico MEX Mexico
Marshall Islands MHL Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
Macadonia MKD Republic of Macedonia
Malaysia MLA Malaysia
Maldives MLD Maldives (Republic of)
Mali MLI Mali (Republic of)
Malta MLT Malta
Montenegro MNE Montenegro (Republic of)
Mongolia MNG Mongolia
Mozambique MOZ Mozambique (Republic of)
Morocco MRC Morocco (Kingdom of)
Mauritania MTN Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
Malawi MWI Malawi
Nicaragua NCG Nicaragua
Norfolk Island NFK Norfolk Island
Niger NGR Niger (Republic of the)
Nigeria NIG Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
Niue NIU Niue
Namibia NMB Namibia (Republic of)
Norway NOR Norway
Nepal NPL Nepal
Nauru NRU Nauru (Republic of)
New Zealand NZL New Zealand
French Polynesia OCE French Polynesia
Oman OMA Oman (Sultanate of)
Pakistan PAK Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
Philippines PHL Philippines (Republic of the)
Palmyra Island PLM Palmyra Island
Palau PLW Palau (Republic of)
Papua New Guinea PNG Papua New Guinea
Panama PNR Panama (Republic of)
Poland POL Poland (Republic of)
Portugal POR Portugal
Paraguay PRG Paraguay (Republic of)
Peru PRU Peru
Pitcairn Island PTC Pitcairn Island
Puerto Rico PTR Puerto Rico
Qatar QAT Qatar (State of)
Romania ROU Romania
Rawanda RRW Rwandese Republic
Russia RUS Russian Federation (Russia)
Sweden S Sweden
Stkitts Nevis SCN Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sudan SDN Sudan (Republic of the)
Senegal (Republic of) SEN Senegal (Republic of)
Seychelles SEY Seychelles (Republic of)
Solomon Islands SLM Solomon Islands
elsalvador SLV El Salvador (Republic of)
Samoa (Independent State of) SMO Samoa (Independent State of)
SMR San Marino (Republic of)
Singapore SNG Singapore (Republic of)
Somalia SOM Somali Democratic Republic
Serbia (Republic of) SRB Serbia (Republic of)
Sierraleone SRL Sierra Leone
Sao Tome STP São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of)
Switzerland SUI Switzerland (Confederation of)
Suriname SUR Suriname (Republic of)
Skovakia SVK Slovakia
Slovenia SVN Slovenia (Republic of)
Swaziland SWZ Swaziland (Kingdom of)
Syria SYR Syrian Arab Republic
Tahiti TAI Tahiti
Turks and Caicos Islands TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
Chad (Republic of) TCD Chad (Republic of)
Togo TGO Togolese Republic
Thailand THA Thailand
Tajikistan TJK Tajikistan (Republic of)
TKL Tokelau
Turkmenistan TKM Turkmenistan
TMP Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Tonga TON Tonga (Kingdom of)
Trintobago TRD Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Tunisia
Turkey TUR Turkey
Tuvalu TUV Tuvalu
Tanzania TZA Tanzania (United Republic of)
United Arab Emirates UAE United Arab Emirates
Uganda UGA Uganda (Republic of)
Ukraine UKR Ukraine
Uruguay URG Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
United States USA United States of America
Uzbekistan UZB Uzbekistan (Republic of)
stvincentgr VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Venezuela VEN Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Vietnam VTN Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
Vanuatu VUT Vanuatu (Republic of)
Yemen YEM Yemen (Republic of)
Zambia ZMB Zambia (Republic of)
Zimbabwe ZWE Zimbabwe (Republic of)
You may download the entire set of flags in zip format by clicking the link below:

Flags in & PNG Format


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