Horses Are Special Too!

A Tribute to Dinkey

Written by Anita Eberline on May 1, 2004
All Rights Reserved


What's in this horse that I see,

More beauty that one can ever see,

A heart filled with soul that one cannot see.

What's in this horse that I love,

The spirit only a horse can have,

The strength only a horse can own.

I see beauty that no one else seems to see,

I see grace that they all seem to miss,

Dinkey, Dinkey, my special love at heart.

She's really not much to look at,

She's just a mixed breed you see,

But I see beauty in the special things she did.

What's in this horse that I see,

The spirit to re-learn how to love,

The will to live beyond all hope.

It might not be all that special to most,

But Dinkey, my Dinkey, is all so special to me,

As she still lives within my heart.

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Live on my beauty in my dreams,

Live on my beauty in my thoughts,

Your memory will always be a part of my soul.

You now reside in horse heaven,

Making life there more present to bare,

And some day, my Dinkey dear, we'll meet again.

Until that glorious day,

I'm here with loving memories of you,

Smiling at all those silly things you use to do.

What's in this horse that I see,

And what does she mean to me?

Loving memories of my Dinkey in my heart.

Loving as the day was long,

She's the horse of all horses,

My dear and beautiful horse of love.

Rest well my friend there in horse heaven,

As one of these days we'll meet again,

To love one another as we did here on earth.

Be happy, healthy and please,

Do not miss me as I miss you,

Because you're never really alone.

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