Horses Are Special Too!

Horse Terms


Bronco, or Bronc, is a untamed Western horse.

Colt, technically, is a male horse less than 4 years old. However, the word colt is often used for any young horse.

Dam is the mother of a foal.

Filly is a female horse less than 4 years old.

Foal either a newborn male or a newborn female horse.

Frog is the elastic, horny, middle part of the sole of a horse's hoof.

Gait is any forward movement of the horse, such as walking or galloping.

Gelding is a male horse that cannot be used for breeding because it has had some of its reproductive organs removed.

Grade is a male horse or pony of mixed breed.

Mare is a female horse more than 4 years old.

Mustang is the wild horse of the Western plains, descended from Spanish horses.

Pony is any small horse, but the pony usually refers to a horse less than 58 inches tall when full-grown.

Purebred means that the horse is of one bred only, and is used to describe many horses on one farm or ranch.

Sire is the father of a foal.

Stallion is a male horse that can be used for breeding.

Yearling is a horse that is more than 1 and less than 2 years old. A race horse is considered a yearling from the first January 1 after its birth until the following January 1.

Withers is the ridge between a horse's shoulder bones.



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