Horses Are Special Too!

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IconAbout Me

Tells a bit about the author.

IconDinkey & Me

Tells about the horse and me as buddy's.

IconNew Start

Tells about the new start Dinkey got from me and the people I sold her to.

IconTribute to Dinkey

A poem that gives my clear feelings towards a horse that became my friend and buddy through hard times.

IconHorse Care

Gives information on the proper care of any horse.

IconHorse Health

Gives information on the health of any horse.

IconHorse Terms

Gives some terms on horse body parts and other things.

IconHorse Body

Gives information on the horse body in general.

IconHorse Body Parts

Gives information on the body parts of a horse.

IconHorse History

Gives the history of horses.

IconThings to Know

Gives some general things to know.

IconHorse Photos

Pictures of different breeds of horses.

IconFavorite Horses

Pictures of a few of my favorite breeds of horses.

IconHonors Received

The awards won page where I display the awards this site has won.

IconWebsite Journal

Gives information about what has changed on this website.

IconLegal Information

Gives the Copyright, Privacy and Disclaimer Statements.

IconFavorite Links

Gives links to other websites.

IconLink to This Site

Gives the viewers of this website a way to link to me if they have a website of their own.

IconEmail Me!

Givers the viewers a way to contact me.


The Introduction page to this website.

IconWebsite Map

You are here! Gives a detailed list of the pages within this website.

IconWin My Awards

Link to the entrance of the Dinkey Web Awards.

IconEntrance Page

The page by which a viewer enters this website.

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