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9/11/2004 - Added this diary and put the original design of the site back into existence. Added a textured background to the menus and, to the top and bottom portions of the site. Created the navigation buttons and did away with the old navigation system. Also, added sitemap due to navigation redesign.

11/1/2004 - Adjusted some pages for both resolutions used. Diagram images will now open in a new window due to the 800 x 600 resolution factor. The images are just too large to do any other way. Also redesigned the title image to fit in its space in 800 x 600 resolution. I also added a page on the "History of Horses" that many people have requested, and created a "Site Bibliography".

11/7/2004 - Fixed bottom frame to show site map link in 800 x 600 resolution.  Removed top house image from menus.

11/11/2004 - I received an email not long ago that was very nice indeed, telling me that they had tested my sites in Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and that they viewing in either browsers where very pleasant and enjoyable. It was like a blessing from above to get this information and I decided that the information was important enough to let my viewers know about it. Therefore, on the "Site Info" page it now states for these browsers as well. Needless to say, I'm very grateful to the people who emailed me for letting me know. Also, due to the design of this site, I'm forced to resize award images to fit on the awards won page, and the "Site Info" page also reflects this. Images large than 150 x 150 pixels will have to be resize on the page in order to fit properly on the page. If the award image is smaller, it should be just fine.

11/17/04 - I have successfully labeled this site and all associated sections of this site with ICRA today. Which means that you, the viewer, can rest assured that 'Horses are Special Too!' and/or any other sections of the site are completely safe for all family viewing.

11/28/04 - Moved the site today to its own site and spent the day working at making all the preparations for the move. Then had it re-labeled with ICRA as well.

12/11/04 - Got a free GuestBook today and upload the changes.

1/2/05 - Added the latest award won to the awards section.

1/4/05 - Removed awards givers comments from the awards won page to make room for the larger size awards.

12/13/05 - Change the hit counter appearance today so that it is a bit easier to read.

7/19/06 - Refurbished the website completely with new images, layout and design. Plus, I added a few things here and there.

11/10/06 - Added a new award to my awards won page for the first time in just under a year.

11/21/06 - make a few corrections.

3/7/07 - Changed the Honors Received page to match the rest of the website, and added a favicon to the website to distinguish it.

3/14/07 - Completely omitted the GuestBook.

3/16/07 - Due to a computer crash back in January of this year, I've had to redo most of the images on this website. The changes were completed today and uploaded to the website. While I was at it, I added an awards program.

3/17/07 - Finished the editing of the awards program and added an award and certificate to the "Honors Received" page.

3/18/07 - Accepted and added another award to the "Honors Received" page.

3/19/07 - Though difficult to do with this website due to emotions, I checked it over and went through everything with a fine tooth comb to edit errors in spelling and grammar, add some much needed comments and straighten out the awards program recently created.

5/9/09 - Change the email address so everyone can contact me.

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