Horses Are Special Too!

Dinkey, My Beautiful Horse & Friend


Oh yeah, Dinkey!  She was, at one time, my horse of rescue. She was being abused by the people who had her and nearly starving to death when I bought her. Beaten and starved for love, I bought her, took her home and started trying to gain her trust. Which wasn't an easy task at all, as she didn't want anything to do with people. Shortly after getting her home, she became sick from not having been fed well and we almost lost her. I slept in the pasture with her and kept trying to get her to eat and succeeded. Scared of every little move a person made, I had to be very careful how I did anything with her. A whole summer of extra TLC and she began to understand that I wasn't a threat to her at all. In fact, the people who got her from me learned to get out of her way when I went to visit her. She would come galloping across the pasture once she heard and saw me like she had lost a long lost favorite friend. I would stand there waiting for her and she'd stop dead in front of me, putting her head on my shoulder and weenie a little greeting. Dinkey was special to me, and she knew it. I miss that horse and can't afford to have another. Anyway, I would spend an hour or so just loving her up and then ask for the riding equipment and the people knew it. They were amazed at the special relationship between Dinkey and myself. They always had to get grain to get her to come to them, but let me show up and she would run anyone else over to get to me. She got to old to ride, but I still went to see her at least once a week. I'd walk around the pasture with her, her head on my shoulder, and we'd talk. The people who bought Dinkey from me swore up and down that nobody would ever harm either of us or that special relationship between us, and kept their word. Yep, my Dinkey, she was some horse. A mixed breed and not all that pretty, but to me, she was the most beautiful horse on earth.

Now, after several years of her being gone, I look back at the special times with her and fall in love all over again. Dinkey had no clue when I first bought her how much I loved her already, but got the idea that nobody would ever harm her again. When I sold her, I had several people come to see her and screened them big time before letting her go. When I was satisfied that the right home was found for her, I accepted the money and with tears asked if I could please visit her at least once a week. The people agreed, and the special relationship between Dinkey and me continued for many years, amazing her new owners to no end. Even their other horses would come to me and follow me around the pasture as Dinkey did, and they found this extra amazing, as one of the horses refused to do anything for them at all, yet; it would follow me around like a lost puppy. After Dinkey died, we lost contact with them cause I couldn't bare to go anymore. It was sort of a bitter sweet parting of the ways after Dinkey wasn't there. I was welcome to go see the other horses, but it just wasn't the same without my Dinkey, and I called them to let them know that I wouldn't be going to see the horses and ride anymore. They understood and wished me the best, I haven't been there in years, and am now thinking about calling them for riding this summer (2004), I'm sure it will be okay with them, because of the way they know me to be with their horses.

The first horse to come to me without taking out grain will be the one I'll ride. I do not believe in coaching to get them to come to me, love is what they will get before riding, and then again after riding, and maybe a carrot as a special treat. Once one horse sees this with another...soon they will follow me around just to get near. After all, they are special and they need to know it. It will be getting that special relationship going with each horse there that will take time. Yes, when it comes to horses, I have patience above and beyond. Even the worse horse can be won over with extra TLC. I have a special ability with these creatures because of my feelings towards them, and they sense the love for them and want to be near me.

The one and only thing that I have regretted is that I never took any pictures of Dinkey. I'm sure that the people who bought her have one of her, and I'm going to contact them to see if I can borrow one to scan for this site.  In the meantime, I still have all those wonderful memories of a horse that I love.

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