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I'm just an animal lover that believes that all creatures have an important use on the earth. I became interested in horses at a very young age and did everything in my power to learn about them. I would do just about anything as a child to be around horses and to go horseback riding. I took every opportunity to be in a place that had me with or on a horse and loved every minute of it.

In 1986, I bought my first and only horse. Her name was Dinkey and she was crossed between Walsh Pony and Quarter Horse. She wasn't the best for riding, but she was loving towards me and would follow me around her pasture like a lost puppy.

When I first bought Dinkey, she had been abused by the people who had her and not fed properly. She was sick and weak, needed extra care and love, and so much more.

In memory of her, I decided to do this website for others to learn about horses. I don't have a picture of my beautiful Dinkey, but have always wished that I did. She wasn't the best looking horse in the world, but she was beautiful in my eyes. Dinkey was special to me and I will never forget her.

In 1987, I ended up having to sell her because I could no longer afford to do right by her for feed and what not. I was allowed to visit and ride Dinkey anytime I wished and went as often as possible. These visits were the best thing for both of us, because we had a very special horse to human relationship.

Then, in 1999, I got a phone call to tell me that Dinkey had passed on and would be buried on the farm that she lived on. It was a heart breaking time because I missed going to see her. I was still allowed to go see their other horses, but it just wasn't the same as going to see my Dinkey.

I haven't been to the farm to see the horses in years, and I miss going to this day. But it was necessary to stop going in order to let go of the horse I loved so much. I still think of Dinkey with fond memories and I know that she would have gone to horse heaven knowing that she was loved.

Dinkey and Anita...two special creatures in a lost world. One has past remains, but the one who remains will always love the one who is gone. May my horse rest in peace.

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