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Snow Ball's Story
Snow Ball at one year old

Hi Everyone,

My name is Snow Ball and I'm a little growing kitten, and I just love life as a cat.

I've been with my Mommy and Daddy now about 6 weeks, and it's been trying to say the least at times.  My life started in the neighbor's barn, with my three brothers and real Mommy.  But that's not so bad, it's all the stuff that happened that is the real story.  You see, I'm just an orphan, as was my brothers.

I'm about 9 to 10 weeks old according to Mommy and Daddy, and life didn't start out so good for me.  My real Mommy was kill by a car when I was about 4 weeks old and nobody knew we kittens were in that dirty old barn for a while.  My friend and bubby Digby knew, but that was the only one.  He was watching over us and keeping us hidden away so nothing bad would happen to us.  Me and my brothers were scared to be alone and Digby help to make us feel not so scared.

Once the humans (Mommy, Daddy & the neighbor's) knew we were there, they started feeding us and watching for my real Mommy.  But they didn't see her at all.  Mommy and Daddy said they were on one of the short drives in the car and sew a dead kitty in the road almost in front of their house.  Hoping that wasn't my real Mommy laying there, they kept watching for her to come for us and feeding us.  But Mommy didn't come and they knew they had to do something for us 4 little kittens, so here I am.

You see, I wasn't abused in the way the others were, but it's still abuse in Mommy and Daddy's eyes.  Whoever ran my real Mommy over, didn't have a clue that we 4 kittens needed her yet.  It might have been just an accident, but the fact still remains that it left us all orphans.  We needed Mommy yet, and we didn't have her anymore to take care of us.  So we were trying to fend for ourselves and didn't really know how to yet.  When the humans found us, we were rather thin and sickly looking.  And we had nobody til they came along to help us grow and get what we needed to survive.

When those humans in the car hit my real Mommy, it didn't affect me as bad as it could have, but still it did in a round about way.  I don't carry the trust issues or suffer any bad things, but it could have.  Cause my brothers and me could have starved to death if nobody would have found us.  The only thing really good was that we had the neighbor's barn to live in for shelter.  And the neighbor lady feed us bread and milk to keep us from going totally hungry.

Even though there is a good ending to my story, the fact still remains that this is a form of abuse.  Even though it didn't affect me and my brothers, and we all have good homes now.  This situation could have been a whole lot different, and we could be dead instead of happy, health kitties.  I'm glad that there are people like Mommy, Daddy and the neighbors who care.  Cause we're alive and well because of them.  It's nice having people who care about us little animals as much as they do, cause we have good times with them.

Well...that's pretty much my story.  Even if it doesn't sound like abuse, it is one of the worse.  Starving isn't a nice thing to experience, believe me.  When me and my brothers first got some food and something to drink, we were fighting over who got it and how much.  So please don't run over any kitties out there, cause that kitty could be somebody's Mommy.

Owner Update on Snow Ball (July 14, 2004)

My beautiful Snow Ball is now a year old and not afraid of anything regardless of what it is and doing very well.  Today makes a year that she's been with us here at the Eberline home and we have absolutely enjoyed every minute watching her grow into the beautiful cat that she is now.  Though Snow Ball never got really abused as a baby, she was an orphan.  No longer an orphan, she is a happy cat that loves her toys and the other three animals that live here with us.

What started out as a rescue mission has turned out to be the most loving relationship between us and Snow Ball.  Her brothers, from what we understand, are doing well except for one that was hit by a car when he was six months old.  Unfortunately, it was the white cat just like her.  We were sorry to hear that he is no longer with us.

Snow Ball is our little terror yet today, as she cannot be left home alone without destroying the house.  But regardless of her little faults, we love her as much today as we did when we first brought her and her brothers into our home.  She's still young and she can still change in behavior.  Her destroying the house isn't as bad as it sounds.  As most of the time, it is the toilet paper that gets spread throughout the house.  There is still another six months of maturing to do for her, which is nothing compared to a years worth of growth.  We know from experience that Snow Ball will settle down and be the good cat that Morkey is now.  So we'll just have to bare with her and love her through it all.

She's now done growing, but you'd never know it by the way she eats.  Her favorite food is table scraps and milk.  But to avoid letting her get fat, we feed her very little table scraps at all.  Table scraps are given as a treat and nothing more.  So she gets her Meow Mix just as Morkey.

It has been our pleasure to raise such a beautiful kitty in our home and love her.  Snow Ball will never know the abuse that other cats do, as we do not believe in even punishing her.  She has free run of the house as do the other 3 animals here, and loves to hackle the dogs and Morkey into playing with her.

Is Snow Ball spoiled?  Oh YES!!!!  Like our other three, she gets just about anything she wants from us and more.  Her biggest demand, lots of TLC.

Owner Update on Snow Ball (December 29, 2006)

Snow is now 3 years old and as healthy as a cat get. She's a real good mouser and loves catching bugs as well. She is now much calmer and easier to deal with due to her age, yet she is still considered a young cat. Every single moment has been a joy with her and we love our little daring highly. We looking forward to many years of having Snow Ball in our lives with pleasure. She's beautiful in every sense of the word and a complete joy to have in our home.

Owner Update on Snow Ball (August 9, 2007)

It is unfortunate that we are unable to keep our darning Snow Ball any longer for health reasons. Therefore, we have found a home for her that will love and care for her as we did. Though we have no pets left, this website will remain in place to help others with the information it provides.

Owner Update on Snow Ball (September 3, 2007)

There is something to be said for the love from an animal that even I cannot explain. The people who took Snow Ball called to tell us that she had gotten outside on them and that last they looked, she was heading in our direction. A month and a half later, she shows up on our door step. With this in mind, Snow Ball is home safe and sound, and will remain with us until death. We can't bring ourselves to push her away again knowing the trouble she went to in order to be with us. Bless her kitty heart, we will keep her as now we believe it is the will of God to do so.


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