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Morkey - Siamese

Hi Everyone,

My name is Morkey and I'm a little Siamese Cat. I just love life as a cat, and in spite of what those silly dogs told you, I'm the best pet in the house.

I have a lot of things I like and one of them is living with my Daddy & Mommy. They're good people who love me and take super good care of me.

I'm now 3 years old and Mommy says that I'm a trouble maker, but if you ask me, I'm the best behaved cat in the world. The dogs opinion of me getting them in trouble for what I do is totally wrong. I just do what comes natural for a cat, even if I'm better at playing innocent when we're all caught in the act. After all, it's not my fault that they can't get away with anything.

I love playing with Daddy and Mommy, especially when they get out my toys that the dogs no longer care about. I run around the house and grab at their clothes as they walk by; or I get in the butter is Daddy leave the cover off. Which gets me in trouble if they catch me, but at the time, it always seems like a good idea.

Daddy is the one who's the boss and we all know it mostly of the time. When he says something, even those stupid dogs listen to every word. Usually he spoils us the most and we get our way even if he thinks we're behaving and doing as we should.

Well, I'd love to stay and tell all, but I have to take my cat nap and rest up for tonight's all night play time. But before I turn this over to Mommy for other things, I want to tell you that living a spoiled little life as a cat with the people I have is just wonderful. Actually, it's more then wonderful, it's a life that every animal should have. I'm a spoiled kitty and I know it, and what's even better is I'm so proud of it. There will be more about us in the future, but Mommy wants to do other pages for this site.

Like the dogs, Daddy and Mommy considered me an abuse animal when they first got me. But my problems run so deep that I have yet to get over anything. My story isn't so different from Joey's, but yet it is. I was dropped off, but out in front of the Eberline's home. And my fears and problems have never been truly figured out.

The nearest my adopted parents can figure out, is that I was just not loved enough by whoever had dropped me off. I have a very deep fear of strangers, and I trust nobody that comes to the house to visit. I'll hide for hours even after their gone and refuse to eat for a couple of days. I tend to get scared of thunderstorms, strange noises and many other things.

Even though I have good people, who give me all the TLC I want and more, I don't respond to the usual things of most cats and they know it. They've worked with me for 3 years now, and I still refuse to trust anyone but them.

To try to help me, which has never worked, they even gave me a room all of my own. Even when they'd leave the door open for me, I refused to come out. This room is my security blanket in a manner of speaking, and it's where I feel safe. The one time that I did come out of my room, Joey decided he didn't like me being out where he was and chased me all over the house. Since then, I haven't been out and refuse too. I'd rather be in my little room, then out there by that stupid dog anyway.

How does Digby treat me you ask? Well, Digby is my buddy and always will be. Daddy and Mommy lets Digby in my room so we can see each other, and that's the way I prefer it. We get noise to noise and our people swear we're talking things over. Then, we lay down together and enjoy Daddy and Mommy's company.

At one point, Mommy had decided that maybe I would do better with different people. So she put an ad on a local radio station for a free Siamese cat. I raised such a fuss when the first person came to see me, that when people called after that, she told them I was already gone. She told Daddy that she'd rather keep me then see me go through anymore of that. I acted that bad. So, here I stay with the people I love and trust.

Even though I don't seem to get over my problems, I've never had to be scared of my people hurting me in any way, shape or form. They treat me as though I were king and I just love every minute with them. I've got the best of food and plenty of water to drink. I've got Mommy wrapped around my little paws and I know it. I learned to knock on the door to get her attention and she'll come in to see what I want. And it works every time, except if she's busy working at her computer. Oh, and by the way, I've destroyed one keyboard on her when I was just a kitten. But she didn't blame me, she blamed herself for leaving me in the same room with her computer.

A note from Mommy:  Morkey is a very special cat with many problems that we figure he will never get over. All we can do is keep giving him lots of TLC and hope that someday he'll come around. Cats are a funny animal sometimes, in that they might do okay after being treated badly, and then maybe they won't. About all a person can do is keep showing them that they are loved and cared for through their life. Siamese Cats are even harder to deal with because of their breed. Unlike most people who believe that Siamese Cats are mean no matter what you do with them, we don't share this belief at all. I raised Siamese Cats at one time, and never had one turn out to be mean. Everyone who bought a cat from me always came back to tell me how loving and nice their cat is to everyone. It's all in how you choose to raise a Siamese Cat whether they are nice or nasty. Morkey is a one in a million, in that he is very loving towards us, even though he's scared of anyone else. He's a very special addition to our family.

Update:   (August 31, 2004)

Morkey has been out of his room now for approximately 3 years and doing fine, except for when we have visitors come to the house.  He still tends to hide from strangers or even family members, but seems to enjoy full run of the house.  Morkey still suffers from fear of thunderstorms and other things that we have decided he will always have problems with.  He eats well and hates the vet as most pets.  In late October of 2004, Morkey will be a daddy for the first time, as Snow Ball is pregnant.  We look forward to seeing the kittens born into this house and helping raise them.

Morkey is now approximately 10 years old.  The likelihood of him ever getting pass any of the abuse received in the pass is unlikely.  Though we continue working with him and doing what any pet owner does with love, he still holds on to the fears that haunt him from his past.  It is such a shame that a beautiful cat like him had to go through any type of abuse at all.  Our hearts are true to our beloved Morkey no matter what the future might hold.

Update:   (August 13, 2005)

Up until today, I could bring myself to add this update due the sadness of its news.  On July 31, 2005, Morkey passed on to the other side. He lived a happy life with us and we will miss him always. May this beautiful cat rest in peace.


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