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Mid Night's Story

Mid Night

NOTE:  If you are an animal rights activist, please read our disclaimer.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mid Night and I'm a little growing kitten, and I have no actual abuse story to tell.  I was born where I live and am glad to be a part of this little family.  I just want to tell everyone how my adopted parents are and how they treat us animals.

My life started on 12/18/2004, exactly a week before Christmas.  When I was born, nobody could find me in the box where my real Mommy gave birth to me and my two brothers.  I was the first born and so black that I blended in with the shadows in the box.

Once my adopted Mommy sew me, she pointed at me and told my adopted Daddy, "See that little black beauty, that one is ours."  And here I am, living the spoiled life that every cat dreams of for themselves.

Mommy and Daddy are ever so patient with me, as I am eight months old now and can cause more trouble.  I get into everything I am not suppose too, and find things that they have no idea where I get them.  I chew on Mommy's computer wires, bate the dogs up long side the head, and all sorts of things that I am told no too.  Yet, they keep working with me and teaching me.

My real Daddy died not to long ago, and I go around the house looking for him.  Now that he's been gone a couple of weeks, I kind of like it, cause I get more attention yet since he's gone.  But Mommy and Daddy seem to still miss him a lot.

A few of the things I like best are:

  • Playing with my toys.

  • Laying in the sun.

  • Curling up on Mommy's lap.

  • Playing with Daddy's shoe strings, when he's walking of course.

  • Playing chase the rope with Mommy.

  • Playing and chewing on wires, which is a big NO.

  • Eating table scrapes, and drinking milk.

Mommy wants a more recent picture of me, but I won't sit still long enough for her to get one.  I'm always playing around and running with my real Mommy who plays with me a lot.  When I do decide to go to sleep, I have this secret little hiding spot that I go to and they can't find me.  Or Mommy would get one while I am sleeping.

This is the life, sleep all day and play all night.  Eat good food and drink lots of milk and water.  If there's a better life for a cat like me, I wouldn't know about it.  But I can tell you this, I love it here!!!

A note from Mommy:  Mid Night is a nice cat and has the prettiest gold eyes you ever want to see.  Pitch black from head to toe, he looks and acts like a miniature black panther.  I've seen a lot of black cats in my life, but this little guy is something else.  As most cats at his age, he is full of energy and loves to play yet.  In spite of all his mischief, I love this cat to no end.  He is loving and caring with me, as I am with him.  To look into those gold eyes and tell him NO about something is hard to he seems to have a special way about him in most areas.

Mid Night seems to enjoy hiding from us, and playing hide-in-seek.  It is so cute to see him come out after being called with a look that seems to say, "Here I am!!!".  Though he seems to be a bit shy like his Daddy was, he is able to come out while friends and family are visiting after a few minutes have passed.

Though Mid Night has lived with us since birth, we can say that he is special in every way possible.  We're glad that we choose to keep him so that he would never have to know the abuse that our other animals have known.  Giving him a permanent home is our pleasure.  He has never seen the outdoors and will never, as it is proven that inside cats live longer and happier lives.

Update:   (April 23, 2006)

It is with great sadness that I announce that Midnight died back in January 2006, after being rushed to the vet with difficult breathing. He was apparently ill and showed no signs of such until it was so bad that the poor guy couldn't hardly breathe. The vet was unable to help our dear Midnight and he died in my arms at the vets office. He is with Digby now and we will miss our beautiful black cat always.


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