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There are those who design web sites that will tell you that no dog has the ability to help design a web site such as this one.  Then, there are others who know actually what I'm talking about and will agree with me on this topic.  Whichever you choose to be here, is fine by me.  But I know down deep within my soul that I tell you the truth on this page.  Believe it or not, have faith in it's words or not.  Digby helped to design and build this web site.

I had been taking a one on one web site design course and was being tested by my mentor.  Now, I didn't realize it was a test because that is the way the man did things with me.  He knew that when it came to the test, I had a habit of freezing up every time.  So he simply wouldn't tell me it was a test and just let me think I was doing a normal homework assignment.  And that is how this web site came into existence, through a test.

Well...I had been thinking about a web site of this type for the future, and the opportunity came with the test to do it a bit sooner than I had planned.  The thing I didn't expect was little Digby to take an interest in the web site.  I just wanted people to see this side of me.  As I worked, I noticed little Digby looking up at the computer screen from a distance because he was so small.  I didn't think much of it at the time, and just continued to work as I normally would for my assignments.  Next thing I knew, Digby was barking at the computer, me and what seemed to be nothing at all.  I ignored it for a while, but that didn't work with him.  He continued to bark at the computer and me.

I finely picked him up, put him on my lap and continued to work as before.  Suddenly, Digby began pawing at my hands and barking, all the while looking at the screen.  I thought I was losing my mind at first, but when I decided to match both what I was doing on the computer and little Digby, he was letting me know that he approved of the things I was doing with this web site.  At that point, it became a human and animal work team for a web site that in later years would become a tribute to a little dog, the other animals living with us and an awards program named after Digby himself.

As I created the images for this web site, Digby would paw and bark his approval.  At the end of the day, both dog and human were extremely tired creatures.  By the time the web site was ready for publishing, it had been looked over and revamped to suit the test that I was taking at the time.  Which by the way, I passed with flying colors.  Though I must admit, I didn't see things back then as I do now with this web site at all.

Digby had more influence on this web site than most people will ever understand or even believe for that matter.  And as the years went bye, it became not only Digby's web site, but something that I just couldn't give up.  My love for animals was only a very tiny part of my inspiration.  Digby was the huge part of the inspiration that kept it going even after his death in 2005.  Because of Digby, it took on a special meaning that only comes from down deep within a persons soul.

Now the story of a dog and human relationship that became a web site.  And to be perfectly honest, I don't really care if anyone believes it or not.

After the test was passed, and all was said and done, I came back to this web site after my lessons had been completed to re-work some of the pages and see what I could really do now that I didn't have my mentor keeping close watch on how I did things.  He taught me what I needed to know, and worked with me on so many things that I had to see if I could make this web site what it is today.  And it apparently worked, because it's been around now for almost 5 years, and I'm still working on it with the awards program, and frequently updating it.

I am the owner and founder of Morning Star's Awards Program.  I've had that web site since 1998 and have worked my little fingers to the bone to keep it going at some points.  But all it started with that awards program in noticing that Digby seemed to whole an interest in what I was doing at my computer.  When I started this web site, it seemed to enhance that interest and I just worked with what Digby was showing.  I decided to work on this web site again to see if it was all in my imagination or not.  I soon found out when Digby started pawing and barking at what I was doing on the screen, that he liked what he saw.  The more he pawed and barked, the more he liked what he saw.  If he did little of either, it was acceptable, but not really something he liked.  If it was something he didn't like at all, he'd growl something awful.

Now, call me crazy if you want, but those type of things, in my opinion, couldn't be ignored.  I just had to see just how far this little dog would or could go with me on the design, layout and creating of this web site.  So each day it was in the creating stage, little Digby sat on my lap watching every little thing I did.

I got up one morning to Digby sitting by my computer and office chair, just waiting for me to get to work on the web site and creating the images.  My husband said he had been there most of the night crying his fool head off because I had quit for the night.  I ate and then went back to work on the web site with Digby again sitting on my lap.

It took what seemed to be forever to create the images the way little Digby liked them.  And equally as long to create the web site to his liking, but, once it got a good start, his approval was there with most everything done for it.  But while I was creating the images, little Digby would look at the images, then at me and then back at the images.  The real tickler to this was the digging dog image that is in the title's of the main web site and the awards program section.

Once Digby started pawing at my hands and barking, I knew that the digging dog image was perfect for this web site without any doubt at all.  He even seemed to like the colors of the image.  If he didn't give me that pawing and barking, I knew that something didn't seem right to him.

Then came the backgrounds, and that little dog seemed to like very little when it came to these.  But when I got the paws background finished, he went apes on me with the pawing and barking.  I couldn't seem to get him to settle down to work at that point, so I took a break to play around with him and get him to relax.  His excitement was that high.  Once I got him to settle down, the rest just seemed to full into place and I had one happy little Digby.

Digby didn't just pick the images, colors and backgrounds though.  He also pick the layout back then to suit what he liked, and it didn't matter what I wanted or liked anymore.  He had a way of letting me know and if it wasn't to his satisfaction, then it wasn't to go at all.  Spoiled, you say?  Yep, right down to the food he ate as well.  But that was Digby, like it or not.

Before Digby got into web site design with me, he seemed to watch lots of times.  But not like he did with this web site that was to reflect my love for him, the other animals we have and my all out love for nature in general.  Anyway, we got on a roll, and nothing else seemed to matter to either of us until this web site was completed.

It came time to put the images to pages, with the content and all was done with Digby still sitting on my lap.  Still pawing and barking with excitement, giving his approval on even those.  The original web site was in frames, and even the layout of those were picked by Digby.  The bone buttons that you see on the GuestBook are the original buttons that Digby liked so much when I create them.  The buttons you see now, were create just before Digby died and were approved by him.  But when I went to change the button images on the GuestBook, he growled at me.  There was no changing them there if he had his way, and he got it.  They will remain the same forever, or at least until this site no longer exists.  Which I hope never happens.

The new design in layout that you see was done after Digby died, and I missed that little dogs input on the whole idea of changing the layout and design.  Though I still use the original images other than the new buttons that you see at the left and right of your screen.  I don't have the heart to change that part, as it was a team effort between Digby and myself to create those images.  Maybe some day I will change them, but I rather doubt that highly, as Digby wanted them and what he wanted, he got.  No matter who wanted want or why, Digby got his way. 

It is with great sadness that I lost my little partner on 9/25/05.  Digby was a very sick and old little dog, and the decision to have him put down was a difficult one indeed.  But taking into consideration of how sick he was, and going blind to boot, my husband and I couldn't see our little darling suffering any longer.  They say that all good little dogs go to heaven, and if that's the case, then little Digby is there for sure.

I use to do research for this web site all the time, and hope to one day continue that effort.  But for right now, I'd rather give it some time and just work at the awards program that is actually Digby's namesake.  I made promises that I must not break unless there isn't any hope of keeping it open.  I not only promised one of the affiliations that it would remain only, I promise some of my internet friends.  But most of all, I promised my little darling Digby.

I know, it seems silly to keep a promise to a little dog to most, but it's one promise that I believe he understood.  Why?  It was a certain look that he gave me that told me everything I needed to know.  That trusting look as if to say, "Ok Mommy, I'll just have to trust your word on this one."  His memory lives on in this web site, the awards program on it and all other aspects of my life.  Because I've held on to everything that was Digby's, including his love for other animals.  Which was something rare to say the least.

I know that most people say that their beloved dog or cat is the exceptional one of all pets.  And I hold Digby in that category.  He was an extremely well behaved dog, and treated animals and humans alike with love and respect.  He gave of himself often and put his little heart into everything he did.  Including helping me with this web site.  There will always be fond memories of Digby in other areas of my life as well, but he will also stand out in my mind as the web site building dog that he was.  The dog with good taste in color, images and so much more.

Digby rests in peace beside his Mother, and one day I know I shall join them in death.  When that time comes, it will be a rejoicing time for both pet owner and pets.  But until that time, there are so many things that will be remember about both, Digby and his Mother, to keep me in happy times with them.  As many of my friends have told me, "Remember...  It wasn't only your honor to have had Digby in your life, but it was even more so his honor to have lived his life with a caring and responsible owner.  And you honored him well.  Who you are is Anita Eberline, spiritually known as Morning Star...  Your identity rises far above and beyond merely being the previous owner of a little dog named Digby.  Be at peace within, let go of the lingering doubts of whether or not it's ok to move on.  There is no guilt, there is no shame...  It is ok now...  It is ok :)."

With this page...I let my darling Digby go.  I let him rest in peace, giving peace to myself as well.  As one last page for a long time to come maybe, but it is time to let Digby finally be where he feels no pain, and can be happy knowing that my husband and I did our best to always protect him.  And if it means anything to one friend, and he knows who he is.  Thank you, your words were read well, and I dearly appreciate your caring words.  Enough to quote them above.  You and many others are's time to let's time to move matter how hard it might be.

Bullet May all dogs be as my Digby, special in every way possible!!! Bullet


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