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  3. I am not in the business of taking in every stray animals that people do not want, and I will not respond to people asking that I do this.

  4. If you want more information regarding animal abuse and prevention, please go to my charities page.  There are links there that may be able to help you.

  5. Under no circumstances do I give my home address.  So don't ask for it, you will be ignored.

  6. If you are an animal rights activist, what I post or not post to my web site is really none of your business.  If you sign my GuestBook with negative comments, it will be delete.  I reserve the right to do as I see fit for the animals that I have in my care.  Even you do not agree with it, I do what is needed to preserve my animals health and well being.  It is my right to do so and there is nothing you can do about it now or ever.  Emails from you will be place in my spam list, plus place in my delete from server list regardless of what you might or might not think.

  7. My pets are not for sale or give-a-way.  Do not ask me!!!!


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