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Joey - Poodle Mix

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joey and I'm a little terrier and poodle, and like my older brother, I just love life as a dog.

I have a lot of things I like and one of them is living with my Daddy & Mommy. They're good people who love me and take super good care of me, my brother Digby and a Siamese Cat named Morkey.

I'm now 7 years old and Mommy says that I'm a silly little dog with more energy then 10 kids. My brother, he's just not much fun at all for me. Always sitting around acting like it's to much work to play. The cat, Morkey, gets me in trouble more than my brother.

I love playing with Daddy and Mommy, but mostly Mommy! Oh how she raises a fuss when I run around her and grab at her clothes just for fun; or I just plan sit there looking at her to see what she'll say to get me to stop it.

Daddy is the one who's the boss and we all know it most of the time. When he says something, even Morkey listens to every word. Usually he spoils us the most and we get our way even if he thinks we're not behaving and doing as we know we should not.

My story is different from my brother Digby. But here with my adopted parents, like Digby's story, I'm a much happier dog.

I was dropped off by my people and was running in a country neighborhood looking for somebody to take me in and care for me. These people in this neighborhood didn't treat me nice at all, plus they waited 4 weeks or more to call the county animal shelter to come pick me up. When the animal shelter got me, I was in really poor shape. Every rib in me showed, and I looked like walking death according to Mommy. Unaware of my problems, and feeling sorry for me, Mommy brought me home. And get this, Mommy got me when Daddy had gone fishing with a friend.

Anyway, she brought me home, cleaned me up and did her best to feed me good. In spite of what she did to help me, I seemed hopeless. I had problems health wise that she really had her doubts about. Yet, she refused to give up on me. When Daddy came home, he took one look and said that she should get me to a Vet like yesterday.

The next day, I felt like eating a little but couldn't hold anything down. Mommy made the appointment for the Vet and 2 hours later, off we went to see the doctor. I had no idea what or where we were going. The Vet looked me over good and decided that I needed a lot of help to get better. However, he told Mommy not to worry because I had lots of fight in me. For such a sick little dog, he said I was strong enough and just needed a lot of TLC and good food to get me through. Then he gave her some medicine for the infection I had in my lungs and sent me home.

By Michigan law now, Mommy has to have me neutered within 30 days after receipt from the animal shelter....I really don't understand that part, but that's what Mommy said had to be. Anyway, the Vet couldn't do the neutering until I was strong enough. He gave Mommy a note and she took it to a place called the courthouse.

To make a long story short....I lived through it all and I'm just find now. Even the Vet says I'm a good healthy dog again.

After all was said and done, Daddy and Mommy found things that didn't make any sense to them. And boy, could I get into things. But when they would say, "Bad dog!", I would hide like they tried to bet me terrible. But I was so use to being yelled at, kicked at and pushed around, that I didn't know anything else.

After a few weeks of being healthier and getting into everything under the sun, they discovered that I was just starved for attention. And that I'd get that attention no matter what I had to do, even if it were something bad. They started rewarding me for the good things, and ignoring the bad, except the occasional "Bad dog!", and I started coming around. And the potty training, oh it was awful for me to learn to go outside to do things. I couldn't seem to hold it and would make several mistakes in a day. Yet, they hung in there with me and kept teaching me the right places to do and why. But both Daddy and Mommy thought I'd never learn. I have it down now and do my potty time with Digby outside like a good dog should.

The fears of harm were so bad, that I didn't want to listen to anything they said I should do. And it usually got me into to trouble of some kind. I figured that if I pretended not to hear them, they would ignore it and go on with my lessons. But they didn't, and I was tied to a tree for the remainder of my outing. The next time they would try again with me, and my usual would happen in no time. I don't see how they ever got through it with me, but they did, and I no longer have to be tied to the tree for being a bad dog and not listening to them.

I was being teased by a neighbor boy one day, and instead of Mommy telling me to shut up, she told the boy to stop teasing me and called his Mother. Boy, did he get in trouble! But after that, I decided I didn't like that boy anymore. I went after him one day with his Mother with him, and to Mommy's surprise, the boy's Mother didn't blame me. The people moved and I don't have to deal with him anymore.

Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is this, since coming to live with the Eberline's, I don't have as many problems as I did. They had more than enough patience with me and helped me through my problems. But I often wonder why they did it, because nobody else seemed to care. They're still working on my problems with me, but I've managed to get over most of them. If it weren't for my new Daddy and Mommy, I don't know where I'd be today. I'm so glad to be the spoiled little dog I am today, that I get overly happy to see them get up in the mornings.

A note from Mommy:  Joey now lives happy and healthy, without fear of being kicked around out of stupidity. He's been with us now for 5 years of his 7 years on this earth. Even though Joey still has many fears, we continue to work with him and will continue no matter what people think. There are some things though, that this poor dog will never get past and this is really a dirty shame. Both of us believe that in spite of Joey's problems, he's a very good little dog. He tries ever so hard to do what he thinks we like or want, and continues to show improvement as time goes bye. But we both understand that he may never be over what people have done in the past.

Update:   (August 31, 2004)

Awww...our little Joey.  He continues to learn and do well.  Joey is now also approximately 10 years old, give or take.

Joey, like Morkey, has a deep fear of thunderstorms and will most likely never be over it.  However, he is no longer afraid of strangers or family members who come to visit.  He enjoys life and plays with the other three animals here and gets along well with them much of the time.  He's simply a joy to have and loving to no end.  As with our others, he will never be completely over the abuse received in the past, and it will always haunt this ever loving little guy.  We enjoy Joey highly, as we do the others and love him without doubt.  He hasn't been sick since we first got him, and the vet says that he's a well adjusted dog for all the abuse and mistreatment he's had.

Update:   (October 30, 2006)

It is with deep regret that I announce that Joey is slowing his age and is now being treated for heart problems. It looks like we will be losing this sweet little guy to a heart condition that nobody sew coming. But he is responding to his medicine and doing very well.

Update:   (June 29, 2007)

It is with deep regret that I announce that Joey has passed on. Like all our little darlings, he will be missed greatly.


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