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Welcome to:  Please!!! Don't Abuse the Animals

NOTE:  If you are an animal rights activist, please read our disclaimer.

You see and hear more about it everyday. It's on the 6 o'clock News, in Newspapers and talked about more than ever before. But have you ever seen or had an animal that had been abused in any way, shape or form? The problems they have adjusting to different situations and people is unbelievable.

I've seen first hand what abused animals look like and how they can act towards people. Even people who mean them no harm at all. It's not a pretty sight and the poor animal is the one who suffers the most. And worst of all, there are millions of animals out there today still in situations of abuse, cruelty and neglect.

Take my three boy's (Digby, Joey and Morkey) for example, all were abuse in their life and have never trusted completely because of it. Each of them have their own page on this site, with a story page about what I think might have happened to them, in what I think would be their words. And each one is special and loving in their own little way. But some of their problems will always come back to haunt them and nothing can be done about it.

These three special little animals have had hard knocks in life that wasn't their fault, and each still see the bad that happened to them with certain movements, words, actions and experiences. My husband and I keep these things in mind each time they crawl to us in fear or look as though they see something they don't like in us. It's not easy putting their little dog and cat minds to ease when they're scared for whatever reason. It's a struggle each and every day for them and us to know just how each other feels.

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Digby, the older of the three, has been with us the longest. He's a sweet little guy, but make him scared and he turns into a monster. Joey, the youngest dog, is just as sweet, but instead of turning into a monster when scared, he'll run away rather than face the situation. Morkey, the Siamese Cat, will forever hate seeing a stranger come into the house.  I can't say for sure what happened to them and will most likely never know. But the abuse they received is very obvious to us. It's not obvious what happened, but obvious that something happened.

Snow Ball, the white cat, really didn't receive abuse on a personal bases.  But someone did kill her Mother in the road in front of our house, and this is still considered a form of abuse as far as we're concerned.  If we had not found her and her brothers, with a neighbors help, they would have starved to death in just a short time.

Mid Night, our newest member to the family, was born here and raised by us.  He has none of the others problems due to this fact, and is a very relaxed and loving cat.  He's special just because he is.

Having these five around is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world, and the love they give back is remarkable to say the least. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. They might have problems, they might hate some things but my husband and I love them all the same.

Some say that we're way to good these animals, but when I stop to think of how I'd want them to treat me, I feel good about what we're doing on their behalf.  I wish everyone felt as we do about animals and the way in which they should be treated.  If everyone felt as we do, this world would be a better place for humans and animals alike.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit and will recommend this site to others. Thank you ever so much for visiting and please come again soon.

Anita Eberline

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Our Little Darlings in Pictures

Digby - Died on 9/25/05 Joey Morkey - Died on 7/31/05
Snow Ball

Mid Night


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