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Frosty's Story
Frosty at 4 weeks old.
Taken on 8/8/08 after some serious healing.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Frosty and I came to the Eberline home on August 1, 2008. I wasn't in good shape and I was very hurry all of the time. And my story goes like this:

I'm about four weeks old and I'm always hurry and tired. But with the TLC that the Eberline's are giving me, I should get better soon. So far, I've had lots of kitten formula and people's baby cereal like the vet said to give me. The vet recommended oat meal to help build me up and insure healthy bones and all. Whatever that means.

I'm beginning look at Anita as my mommy (8/3/08), and she feeds me every two hours like clock work and then sits with me as I go to sleep. I purr in her arms and she like that. So far, I like everything I am given to eat and drink.

I like watching the man go bye me and I think he might be my adopted daddy. Like my adopted mommy, he keeps a good look out for me and I think he's happy about having me like my adopted mommy. But it is hard to tell with him cause he doesn't show much emotion about it yet.

I guess I better get to the point, cause mommy is looking kind of funny at me. Like it is time for my nap or something. Can't be sure though.

I am just a baby and was on a farm where the farmer does not feed his cats, and says that they are hurters so they should hurt for their food. The farmer allows the cats milk twice a day, but no food is given to them at all.

All the cats, and there are over 30 of them and counting, either hurt or go hungry. My new mommy is very mad about this and looking into what she can do to stop this from happening anymore.

I am only one of dozens of kittens on the farm and our mothers cannot feed us cause they do not get enough food to keep nursing us much of the time. They survive on very little and the farmer does not seem to care. When mommy heard my story, she cried and said that this had to be stopped or others like me would suffer. I am only a kitten, but in my new mommy's opinion, that is WAY to many.

I am beginning to like the treatment I get here with my new mommy and daddy because they feed me good and I get all the water I want. Though I am only 4 weeks old, I have it made so far.

There is one problem that mommy is having right now. Because I am a boy, she may have to adopt me to someone else cause she has a girl cat that she does not want a boy around. But before they adopt me out, they are going to look into the cost of having me neutered. I think that means that they will get me fixed if they can afford it. I hope it does not cost to much, cause I would really like to stay here with my adopted parents forever.

Owner Comments on Frosty (August 8, 2008)

We received Frosty on August 1, 2008 in extremely bad condition from some friends who had no idea how to help him. Within three days, Frosty was holding his head up, eating oat meal baby cereal and drinking water from a tiny bowl that I have on hand. We expect him to live and be a healthy cat in later years.

Frosty is approximately 4 weeks old on the night of arrival and doing very well for a kitten who we figured had little chance of survival when we first received him. Like Snow Ball, he is white without any other markings, and as cute as any kitten can get.

His over all health is improving with each passing day, and on this seventh day, he has enough energy to play a bit and stay awake for just over an hour. Which is a huge improvement considering the fact that our friends first brought him to us, he couldn't hold up him head. This tells us that Frosty has the will to live and we are willing to do everything it takes to help him succeed.

When Frosty came to live with us, he had all sorts of sores and hair that was missing from his little body. Today, the sores are healed and the hair is growing back. He was covered in cow urine and cow dung, which we figure helped in creating the sores and hair lose. During this first week, we gave him two baths in order to get rid of this and make him feel a bit better. Cleaning him up seemed to help him and he began to try to clean himself from that point on. Though without success, he continued to clean himself and we gave him a second bath on his fourth day with us. He's been an extremely clean kitten since.

With a week now pass, Frosty is doing 100% better and eating a mixer of cat food and baby cereal with kitten milk. We started placing water in a bowl with him in his specially made bed the fourth day and he still has trouble with it, but is drinking it. We are sure that Frosty will grow to be a much healthier cat due to our friends bring him to us when they did. Another day or two, and Frosty might have not made it.


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