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Fluffy's Story

Hi Everyone,

My name is Fluffy and I'm a mix kitten that my new people just had to pick cause I was so cute.

With my new people, the Eberline's, I have it totally made. They bought new cat dishes and a bed for me before I ever came home with them on the 1/5/2010. I have all the kitten food I could want and I get table craps to boot whenever possible. I get all the water I want and a little milk to go with it each day.

I've learned to be with their little dog Cuddles and she plays with me whenever I want. Cuddles wasn't sure what to think of me at first, and she didn't seem to like the fact that I was even here. But as time passed, she accepted me.

As for the Eberline's, they are really my kind of people. They love to pick me up to love and pet me all the time, which it just what I like best. I'm a happy kitten and show it with my purring in their ears, and as loud as I can.


Fluffy started out with people who care about animals, but don't do things the way a growing kitten needs them to be done. He was feed mainly table craps and very little kitten food. They did their best, but my husband and I could help feeling sorry for this wonderful little gray kitten that needed proper care, love and attention. So when the kittens were ready to go, we took it upon ourselves to adopt little Fluffy knowing that he needed more, yet wasn't being hurt in any way. He's now growing like a normal kitten should after just two weeks of proper food and water.

Although we didn't really plan to have another cat, it is nice having Fluffy with us. He is loving and playful to the highest degree. When he purrs, it's so loud that you hear him throughout the apartment. All we have to do is talk to him or tough him, and the little purr starts up. It's a long time since we've had a cat that purred this loud and it's a joy to hear.

Fluffy was born on 11/11/2009, which was Veteran's Day. We brought him home on 1/5/2010. Though it was a tough and go situation with Cuddles for the first week he was here, they now sleep together as if they are the best of buddies. If the kitten is up and playing, you can bet that the dog is joining in. Fluffy now joins Cuddles in her bed to take naps and go to bed at night.

This should prove to be a very interesting year with a kitten and a dog. Though Cuddles is no long a puppy by all rights, you'd never know it when the two are playing. We thought with Cuddles' having epilepsy, this might be a bad idea. But she has proven us wrong with every step and every change this kitten has brought to her life. Some might find it hard to believe, but it is true, Fluffy seems to have slowed the seizures that Cuddles was having on the average of 3 to 6 days a weeks. Since getting the kitten, Cuddles has had no seizures. Two full weeks of being seizure free is absolutely wonderful.

With all due respect, Fluffy's love for one little dog, and the dogs love for one little kitten has changed everything it seems. With them both sleeping, I can honestly say that we have two VERY special animals with us. We do hope that Fluffy lives as long as he can for our Cuddles sack. He's been a blessing to her more than us.


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