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Digby - Wire Hair Terrier & Poodle Mix

Hi Everyone,

My name is Digby and I'm a little wired haired terrier and poodle, and I just love life as a dog.

I have a lot of things I like and one of them is living with my Daddy & Mommy. They're good people who love me and take super good care of me, my brother Joey and a Siamese Cat named Morkey.

I'm now 12 years old and Mommy says that I've gotten lazy in my old age, but I prefer to think of it as being tired. My brother is now 7 years old and he's just full of play and fun yet. The cat, Morkey, is now 10 years old and still gets my brother and I in a lot of trouble for things that he does.

I might be an old, tired dog....but I do have fun every now and then with Daddy and Mommy. But mostly Mommy! Oh how she raises a fuss when I lick her toes when she's trying to walk; or I just plan sit there looking at her to see what she'll say to get me to stop it.

Daddy is the one who's the boss and we all know it mostly of the time. When he says something, even the cat is listening to every word. But usually he spoils us the most and we get our way even if he thinks we're behaving and doing as we shouldn't. Mommy on the other hand, when she says do...we all know she means it. As with most pets, it's all in the tone of voice they use with us.

I'm here to tell my story of abuse by people and why I appreciate the people I now call Daddy and Mommy. You see, they had me when I was a new born puppy because they had my birth mother. Which by the way, she was a very good mother. She was a very lucky dog to have the Eberline's all her life to care for her.

I, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. I was moved from home to home and never knew what anyone expected from me for sure. I was confused about the way I should or shouldn't act or behave. I was scared of everything and didn't want to be around people much at all.

When I first come back to live with my adopted parents, I didn't like billed hats at all, in fact, I hated them. It wasn't the first people I went to be with that bet me with one, but my third home. In fact, they punished me with the billed hat often and I didn't like it at all. And what's worse, I didn't understand why or what I was being punished for. Lots of times, they bet me for little things that most puppies will do. Only I wasn't a puppy anymore, and I hadn't done anything but maybe want outside to go potty or play.

Then one day, they decide that I should have yet another home because they claimed I was such a bad dog. Only they didn't tell the new people who took me I was bad. Just that they didn't want me anymore.

Now with a forth family and thinking I'd be okay at least. I settled down and began to enjoy my life a little. But the billed hat problem had never been dealt with and I would go after people who wore them. They didn't punish me for it because they figured there was a reason for me acting this way. But they didn't understand it at all. I was with these people and their children for about a year and a half when they decided that they should get a new puppy for the kids I loved so much. Next thing I knew, the Eberline's were looking me over and Mommy was falling in love with me.

Well, all these people had handed my records along with me each and every time. Daddy was convinced that I was one of Missy's pups (my birth mother), and Mommy started going through all those papers the people gave her when she and Daddy brought me home. The more she read, the more she knew Daddy was right. And I've been here ever since. I was 4 years old then, and just loved the treatment I was finely getting. The people who gave me back to the Eberline's, told them about my billed hat problem and they could see that they needed to help me get over this. So, Mommy went out and bought 2 billed for Daddy...and one for herself.

I couldn't believe she had gotten those terrible hats, and I even tried to run away from them. They didn't go after me when I ran, and that kind of confused me. So, I decided to check this out and find out what the deal was. I growled at them....and they did nothing. I barked at them....and they did nothing. Instead, they just looked at me and talked to me...assuring me everything was okay and that the hats couldn't hurt me. Still I growled, barked and raised a fuss. They did this everyday for several weeks, and I began to get the idea that nobody here was going to punish me with those terrible hats.

Soon I was playing with Daddy and Mommy, forgetting they even had the hats on. I looked up one day, and the hats were gone. Mommy had put them away for a while. She brought them out one more time after that, and I suspected it was to test me. I ignored them and did as I did everyday. She put them away again, and I've never seen them since. But now, when I see a billed hat, I don't growl, bark and raise a fuss anymore. Because I know that Daddy and Mommy will not let anyone hurt me with one ever again.

There were other problems as well with me that the Eberline's picked up on. But like with the billed hats, they worked with me to help me get over them. I've been here with the Eberline's most of my little dog life, and they've always given me the best that they can. I'm a spoiled little dog and I know it. But I also know, that Daddy and Mommy wouldn't have it any other way. They give me lots of TLC and I return it just as much. I wish every dog could have it as good as I do now.

A note from Mommy:  Digby now lives happy and healthy, without fear of being punished for no reason at all or out of stupidity. He's been with us now for 8 years of his 12 years on this earth and has learned new things in spite of his age. My husband and I spoil him to much according to many of our friends, but at least we know that he will never be abuse or mistreated again. If I had to do it again, I would without question. Digby has become a very important part of this little family of people and animals, and we'd be lost without him.

Update:   (August 31, 2004)

Our ever loving and treating Digby is now 16 years old.  Sassy and stubborn as is his owners, but I do believe they can pick this type of thing up from being around it.  Though he is an old dog now, he still has his moments of play and fun.  But then, his breed is noted for such things, along with long life.

Digby is over most of the problems he had when we got him back some 11 years ago.  He is now going blind from cataracts on his eyes.  It's tough watching our Digby get old and we expect to find him dead one of these days from just plan old age.  The one thing good with Digby these days is the spirit deep within this little guy that refuses to just give up.  He's still our little guy of joy and happiness that shows each morning when he discovers that we're up and about.  When we do lose him, it's going to be one of the saddest days of our lives.

Update:   (Sept. 25, 2005)

Digby passed on today, and now enjoys a peaceful rest with his mother.  I will miss my little darling and remember all the cute little things he did.

Digby got so sick that we took him to his doctor, and the only option we had was to put him out of his suffering and pain.  Digby was 17 years old and lived a long and healthy life.  Though the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong, we are glad to know that he no longer has to suffer.

My husband and I mourn his death and are deeply saddened by the lose of our little Digby.  But with the circumstances, it is most likely the best thing for little Digby that he no longer has to suffer as he was.  We figure he was just to old to fight to live and gave up.  Just before we had him put down, he looked up at me as if saying goodbye, then our friend took him to his home what we just couldn't bring ourselves to do.

Digby passed on knowing his was loved and cared about.  He is now in God's hands and most likely having a good time playing with other little dogs just like himself.  I held him in my arms until the our friend took him out of my arms, which did it for me and I broke down crying as though all hope had failed me.

Digby is buried out in the back yard beside his mother, where he often went and lied down in the shade on a hot summers day. Mother and son are now together once again.  May my little darlings rest in peace always.


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