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Hi Everyone,

My name is Anita Eberline, but I prefer to be called by my Native American name, Morning Star.  I've been doing Web Design now for about 8 to 10 years for just fun and enjoyment.  For the first few years, most of the time was spent offline learning before I ever started doing anything and publishing my work on the internet.  I love doing the Web Pages, but I feel that it's a lot of work for the most part.  Then again, it's a way for all my internet friends to know me a little better and show what I am all about.

With this site, I decided to do something on my beloved pets, and try to tell some stories through the way they act toward my husband and myself.  I thought it might be a good way to show my friends how, we as a couple, feel about animal abuse and our love for our little four paws.  I'm not sure how much will actually get done with this site, but I hope to do as much as possible on animal abuse.  I feel that this is a real problem these days, and that people should be aware of the problem.

Have I or we use to raise dogs and/or cats?  Yes, and it's a HUGE responsibility.  At one time, my husband and I raised both dogs and cats in the same house.  Most people say that it can't be done safely, but I can tell you that we did it for several years.  It's all in how you teach or train the animal in most cases.  What a job it can be to have raised both in one house, you might say.  Well, yes!  But it was a choice, not an out of the blue idea.  I happen to love both and my husband couldn't see why it couldn't be done if I really wanted to bad enough.

I truly enjoyed raising the same type of dogs as my little Digby, and Siamese cats.  I don't raise them anymore because of the expense for food and other necessary things for caring for the animals properly.  It takes more and more these days to raise any animals properly, but most don't think so.  The animals I have now are well cared for, and they have need of nothing.  To be honest, I'm not sorry for getting out of the dog and cat raising.

Although I did enjoy every minute, the task of finding good homes these days in next to impossible.  Even with screening the prospective owner, I found most didn't care about the animal once it reached adulthood.  Which I just couldn't handle anymore.  I never had anyone complain about the way I raised them on my end; but, some would bring the animal back after it got to be an adult just because it lost its cuteness.  That's the part I found hard to handle.  I cared to much for the animals I raised and it showed in everything I did for them.  People picked up on this and knew I'd take that dog or cat back.

After I stopped raising my little friends, people continued to ask me to take them back.  I would out of respect of the poor dog or cat.  Most of these animals stayed with me until old age took them from me; and, I spent many a time grieving for them and the problems they came back to me with.  So, out of fear of being used more over my little darlings, I quit raising them.

Now, to make an important statement here.  I am not a rescue person, and I will not take in any unwanted pets that you might have.  No matter how I might feel inside, I can't afford to take in any other animals.  My advice to people in need of homes for their unwanted pets, is to call their local Humane Society or Animal Shelter for help in placing their animals in good homes.  These people are there to be of service to you for this purpose, and most are more than happy to help.  Please call them, your pets depend on it if you really don't wish to care for or about them any longer.  I truly wish I could help you with this problem, but I simply don't have the means any longer to do so.

The page titled:  "Moments in Life" I feel applies to the way we look at animals as well as people.  And because of this, I hope that everyone stops to think before treating an animal cruelly.



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