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Hello Friends from FaceBook:
I've been thinking about how I could keep my friend updated and not put it all on FaceBook where I've noticed that less than half gets read anyway. So I took an old website that I was no longer using for its original use and put this website together for you. I do hope that it suits its purpose.
To start, my name is Anita Eberline. Also known as MorningStar and Kuddles, as I have three (3) different accounts on FaceBook presently. (See the About Me page for more information.)
In the process of creating this tiny website for my friends, I have decided that it will the best source for keeping my friends updated on what I'm doing on FaceBook concerning games and whatever else they might have questions about for me. Please note that when I discontinue playing a game or doing other things on FaceBook, this will be the place to come to find out. I will not engage in chat with people to let them know, as I only have so much time to be on FaceBook.
With this much said, please visit the other pages listed below. These links are here for your convenience.


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