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WebSite Updates

4/6/06 through 4/16/06 - This website was in its first days of development and construction, when I worked on the images, design layout and all other aspects of the workings of this website.

4/18/06 - Finished the awards program and launched it as a part of this website.

4/20/06 - Added the pages of our class reunion pictures. Discovered to many errors in the awards program and closed it while I re-worked the pages and re-did all the aspects of the program.

4/22/06 - Did a complete search of my files and found the information for the "The Class Team" page. Contacted a classmate for help to have the class fight song and added it to the page.

4/26/06 - Added the "Credits Given" and Created new images for the R?sum? that is now displayed. Also received my first website award for this website and uploaded it today.

4/27/06 - Created the "WebSite Updates" page and uploaded it to the website. I also moved this website today for more server space and workability. Plus added a bit of information to "About the Author" page and added image titles to the awards program.

4/28/06 - Labeled with ICRA as of today.

5/16/06 - Added a winner to the Awards Program.

5/20/06 - Added a winner to the Awards Program.

6/25/06 - Add Winners Record page and category symbols to the Status/Statistics page to the awards program. Also redid the links so that all links are linked.

7/7/06 - Added a winner to the Awards Program.

7/9/06 - Corrected some grammar and added a website to the Links page, plus made a few other corrections. I also added a GuestBook Signature today from one of my classmates.

3/14/06 - Omitted the GuestBook completely.

3/28/08 - Closed the awards program and removed all links to it.

6/2/08 - Omitted the Contact page and fixed the email link.

9/4/08 - Added a guestbook, changed my website email address and added to the privacy statement to include the GuestBook.

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