Welcome to Anita's Version of the Class of '75'
Ken School House - Where we schooled for a year.

Welcome to my version of the Class of '75' Website. I am attempting to get a bit of information going on my class so I can begin to remember parts of my childhood after suffering a stroke in 1985In the process, I hope to offer my fellow classmates from school as a child some information about myself and give them information about different topics.


I'm asking my classmates to cooperate with me, as this website will tell the story that needs to be told, providing I can get all the information I need. I will be using this website as a portfolio to help me remember my classmates better since having the stroke back in 1985.


I also added some helpful information for my fellow classmates who have children and grandchildren who have problems that nobody seems to be able to explain in school. It's my way of passing on some very valuable help that I received late in life.

The Class of '75' were an awesome bunch to say the least. Though we never seemed to work very well together, we did have our moments of good times. For the most part, I believe that we were a clumsy bunch of people who wanted to do our best, and usually got the task at hand accomplished against all odds as a team. Our days of High School students were like most other peoples, in that we attended classes, did our school work and enjoy the fun of just being who we were as teenagers.

Times were not so challenged back then as they are for today's students, but we learned the values taught and our book learning as expected of us most of the time. Some studied harder than others, some just made jokes at just about everything, while others were serious about their education. As for myself, the category I was in was one of lower aspects. And I seemed to live up to those aspects back then regardless of what I tried, only to drop out of school from pure frustration. I married at 16 years old, and had no clue what to do next.

After two failed marriages, and many problems that I still couldn't explain, I returned to school to graduate in 1985 with good grades. Not excellent grades, but I did well after learning how to deal with a problem that I tried to deny for most of my adult education in High School. That problem was dyslexia. After several years now, it has inspirited me to create this website to let my fellow classmates know that there is hope for everyone...including that Inch girl who couldn't seem to get anything right no matter what she did or tried. It's funny how things happen in our lives to change us to some degree as we get older, and with everything I've been through in my life, this is just a tiny rain drop that never reached the ground. As this website will tell you what dyslexia is and give suggestions on how to help someone with this disorder cope with its affects.

Why am I doing this? Well...I hold no harsh feelings towards anyone who did anything that might have hurt my feelings when we were kids. Nobody knew my problem existed, including myself. Had we known, the whole situation might have been a lot different for all of us. Maybe some of you have a grown child having the same difficulties as described on this website, or a grandchild who is experiencing the problem in school, and nobody has bothered to look into the real cause of the problems they face on a daily bases. There's a time to hold a grudge, and a time to let it go. In order to get past the ups and downs in life, we all have to just let some things go in order to help those people understand. And that is my intentions here, to help my fellow classmates understand dyslexia if at all possible. Who knows, maybe they can help someone else do the same down the road.


Committee Members for the
2005 Class Reunion were:

Michele Everts Wills
Wayne Sayers
Cindy Terry Parker
Donna Stamate Petiprin
Ellen Dennis French
Pam Allan Perkins


Committee Members for the
2010 Class Reunion were:

Deb Bouchard
Sue Hanes


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