30th Class Reunion

It is my understanding that our reunion for 2005 when very well and everyone was totally satisfied with the results. Though I couldn't attend this one, this is pleasing news. I'm happy for everyone and wish them all the best.

I often visit the official class website to keep up on different things, and upon reading the message board, it was pure joy to see that my fellow classmates enjoyed they day together. I also had an opportunity to talk with a friend who attended the 2005 reunion, and she had nothing but good things to report about the whole experience.

I do wish I could have gone to this last reunion to see old friends, participate in the fun and generally enjoy the day with everyone. But with my situation at the time, it just wasn't possible. I do hope that I was missed as much as I missed all of them. Maybe the next reunion will be the charm and I'll be in a better situation and be able to attend. Until then, may all my classmates find happiness and enjoy life one day at a time.


35th Class Reunion

35th Class of '75 Reunion has been set for August 7, 2010.
I was unable to attend this reunion as well, and to me knowledge, everything went according to plan. However, I can be sure because I have not heard anything from my classmates.
Bullet Caro Class of '75 Bullet

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