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Class Pictures

These are miscellaneous pictures of classmates from the past and previous Reunions:

Bob Hanes, Ken Bennick, Neil Jackson, Kirk Kitchen

Carla Tomlinson, Sue White, Janelle Sparling, LuAyn Siems


Dan Boylan


Brenda & Dean Tomlinson & Michele Everts


Sue O'Brien, Deb Orlowski, Cindy Terry


Carla Tomlinson, Donna Murdick, Cindy Sagash, Deb Lung


Randy Wagner, Cindy Sagash, Paul Graham


Ernie Carpenter & Wayne Murdick


Pam Hutchinson, Pam Tobias, Pam Allen


Angela Corradi, Cindy Sagash, Janelle Sparling, Deb Lung, Carla Tomlinson,
LuAyn Siems, Annette Pouliot, Kelly Wieland


LuAyn Siems & Cindy Sagash


Bobbi Snyder & Jennifer Austin


Libby McCoy, Bernie Touchette, LuAyn Siems, Rick Knowlton, Jeff LaFave


Kathy Bridge


Kim Wilson, Rich Bouchard, Sue Ann O'Brien


Bob Hanes


Anita Eberline (Inch)


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