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Caro High School - Tigers

The fight song has not changed over the years. It still has the same words and melody that it had back in 1975 when we all graduated. Funny how some things just don't change.


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Caro Fight Song by Caro High School of Caro Michigan, USA
Used with permission from Carla Knowlton, Administrative Assistant.


Caro Fight Song
(To the tune of "On Wisconsin")

Caro High School,
Caro High School,
Do the best you can,
Ever ready, calm, and steady,
Loyal to the White and Purple,
We are for you, always with you
for you we will die!
Everybody stand and cheer for
Caro High!
Tiger Creed

I am a Caro Tiger.

I am a warrior and a member of a team
whose goal is to be a champion.

I will never leave a teammate behind.

I will walk, talk, think, and act like
that successful person I want to be.

I am willing to always work and perform
at an even pace. I stand ready to
engage and defeat every opponent.

I live with honor both on and off
the field for my school, my
team, my family and myself.

I AM a Caro Tiger!


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