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I'd like to thank everyone who have reviewed this website for their awards and for the honors bestowed upon my website. It is an honor to have receive their reorganization for my work.

Private Detective Web Award - Silver (Closed)
Received 4/26/06

This is to notify you that we have reviewed your website and would like to offer you our new Private Detective Web Award.  You have done a fine job as we found your website enjoyable and well-designed.

Take care and keep up the good work!


TACTICS Private Detectives

BV. Liindenheuvel - Gold (Closed)
Received 4/29/06
AS! Rated 5.0

Dear Anita,

Congratulations your site has been awarded the BV. Lindenheuvel "Gold" Award.
Your site "Caro High School Class of '75' " is very good designed, is easy to read and has wonderful pictures and an interesting subject.
It's evident you put a lot work into your site and I did enjoy my visits.
I did like the subject of your site very much, thanks for sharing this with us. I also want to thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site.
Well Done!!

Take care and have a nice day,

Friendly regards,

Huub Crapels
The Netherlands

Tim's Spider Awards - Silver
Received 5/19/06
AS! Rated 5.0

Dear Anita,

After an extensive evaluation we would like to congratulate you with your high standards of web page design. Well designed and we will gladly visit your site again.
That's why we award your site with Tim's Silver Spider Award, and wish you continued success in all your endeavors! Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program.

Tim Beylemans


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