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About the Author

My name is Anita (Inch) Eberline and I'm 50 years young. I was born on April 19, 1956 and have lived in Caro, Michigan USA most of my life. I attended Caro Community Schools and am a part of the Class of 1975.

Though I did not graduate with my class, I feel that they should get to know me as a human being and be able to see the accomplishments that I am now proud of today. This is the whole purpose behind this website, along with making it my portfolio for reasons that are rather difficult to explain. I graduated in 1985 after failed marriages, and many difficulties that comes along in life. I also graduated from Great Lakes College twice, now known as Davenport University. I took private classes to become a webmaster and graduated from those in 2002.

While taking night classes to finish High School, I met my third husband and am still married to him. Married now for 20 years to Harold Louis Eberline, I still reside in Caro. We have no children, but have helped many children and their parents deal with dyslexia. It's one of the most rewarding experiences to watch a child grow and learn to be who they are, and become the student in school that they want to be. My husband and myself have never accepted payment other than to watch the child develop and blossom into a wonderful individual.

I own and maintain several websites, including several awards programs for awarding other webmasters for their hard work and efforts in building their own website. I have become addicted to doing website design and enjoy it. I've been building my own website since 1998 and decided to learn website design and image design for only one reason, to be the best possible webmaster that I could be and know more about I am doing.

After graduating from college my second time, I opened a business of my own called "Anita's Document Production Service" in 1997, which I closed due to health problems with my husband after he had a heart attack in 1999 the day after Christmas. I found that taking care of him and his problems were more important, and this was the only way at the time to do without having other things getting in the way of his health and wellbeing. I still did some things through the business, but only for a select few. I'm quit doing even those in 2002 to pursue and develop my website design skill to a higher level.

With most of my goals accomplished, I now do website design professionally, as well as for myself. I find the work fascinating and enjoyable to a degree that most would find boring. There are billions of ways to create a website and I have yet to do them all.

Well, there you go, this is me in the here and how. Maybe it's not much to some, but it's who I am.


About Thiis WebSite

This website is the results of embarrassment and a need to remember things from my past after having a stroke in 1985. And as I work on this website, I discover an old me that maybe I should leave in the past, but it draws me to know. So I do the work and research to know the past to hopefully make me a better person of today.

The top and bottom images are used as backgrounds in the top and bottom cells of the main table that sets up the pages as you see them. They also server to give the title of the website, along with partial copyright information. The actual background, which is behind the main table of the website is meant to enhance the rest of the website to bring out its looks so that everything you see is pleasing to the eyes. Giving the website a look and feel of an inviting nature.

Inside the center of the main table is all the information and page title images which match the rest of the website. All type written material is found in this area as well. As with most websites, it is never really completed and will have changes made to it at some point. Though I do not plan to change the way the imaging is done, or the looks of the website, it will from time to time have information added as it comes to me. So my classmates and friends will want to return to see what all will take place with this website.

Asking for Help

As time passes, I will get the information needed with help from classmates that care enough to let me know information that is important to remembering many of the people who I attended classes with and be able to relax in that knowledge. It's going to be a long road, but I believe it is well worth the work and effort that will be a passport into the past.

Therefore, I'm asking my classmates to please send me any information, pictures or other information they feel might help me in my quest to remember. As with Carla, anyone sending me information or helping me at all will be given credit for that information in some way or form.

All information is important. All information will be appreciated. Please send whatever you believe can help me. Thank you!


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