Crocheting Tips
How To Crochet Color Change Without Knots

On the last stitch of the single crochet row, DO NOT CREATE A NOT to change colors. Change colors in the following way:

Step 1: Work until the last stitch, insert hook as if to make last stitch leaving it started and cut yarn about 6 inches to leave for working in item.

Step 2: With next color, loop around hook leaving about the same length and pull through the two loops left for last stitch.

Step 3: Chain one and turn as usual.

Step 4: Take the two 6 inch strains of yarn and hold at the top of the item for weaving into work.

Step 5: Once satisfied that you've worked those ends in well enough, cut them off as close to the item as possible without cutting the item.

This leaves no ends to be worked in later except for the very beginning with the knot and the ends when the items being work on is completed. Allowing you a nice smooth item without all the knots and ends to be weaved it later.

Magic Circle - Crochet

Step 1: Hold yarn in hand as if to make a slip knot.

Step 2: Making sure there's enough yarn end, wrap yarn over top of fingers so that it crosses on the side your thumb is on, while holding the end with your other two fingers.

Step 3: Insert crochet hook into loop on fingers and hook the part crossing and pull through.

Step 4: Outside of loop to complete first stitch hook yarn and pull through. (first stitch created)

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the number of stitch you want for your circle.

NOTE: The loose end can be pulled either way for a smaller or larger hole when crocheting rounds instead of the chain I use to use. You may also tighten it so the hole is closed.

Learn How to Work Crochet Loop Stitch

There's no need to be intimidated by this stitch. This tutorial will teach you how to do the Loop stitch. This stitch is great for making all sorts of items or just play around with on anything you make with crochet. Choose your own colors to make it uniquely yours.

NOTE: The loops will end up on the side of the work that faces away from you and they should only be worked on every other row for a project with a right and wrong side. You can choose a different stitch for the in-between row, or just use single crochet. I used single crochet in the pattern below.

If you want a scarf with loops on both sides then work it every row. You will find this stitch uses quite a lot of yarn and is fairly time-consuming at first, so you may want to use it only in stripes or sparingly.

First work a base row of chains, then a row of single crochet. Now you're ready to start your crochet loop stitch. Here goes...

Chain 1, then * push your hook through the top of the next single crochet stitch. Hook the yarn and bring it back next to the hole you just came through (keeping it at the back of your work). Then, I find it easiest to put my middle finger over the yarn, then hook the yarn from above my finger (or yarn over again) and pull the two yarn overs through to the front of your work.

So you now have 3 loops on your hook at the front of your work and your left middle finger tied to the back of your work. Okay? Right, I'm off for coffee now - see you later! Just kidding...

All you do now is...yarn over again and pull through all 3 loops. One loop left? Great! That's it! That's all there is to the crochet loop stitch! Now keep practicing! Go back to the * and start again.


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